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About Crayola Create and Play

Crayola Create and Play builds a digital play and learning experience for preschool kids around the popular Crayola art materials. Kids can practise colouring, learn to draw, care for virtual pets and play games in the continually expanding content of the app.

You can download Crayola Create and Play on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. After a seven-day trial, a subscription keeps the full app unlocked with no additional purchases necessary. The app is also available in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

Crayola Create and Play Review

What is Crayola Create and Play app?

Crayola Create and Play is full of creative and entertaining activities to inspire kids' creativity, build in some learning and entertain them in a safe and kid-friendly digital world. 

By the time you read this review of Crayola Create and Play, there may be even more activity styles as the app continually adds new content, often linked to the current season.

The app's content is currently grouped into the following sections:


Kids use crayons, brushes, stamps, stickers, and magic pens to colour the many built-in images.


While the colouring section lets kids get creative with pre-existing artwork, this section gets them to make their own artwork in different styles, such as glow art and pixel art.


Players take care of digital pets in this section by completing fun mini-game style tasks.

Learning Games

These include fun logic and letter games.


These include fast-paced entertainment games ideally suited to preschool-aged kids in content, playstyle, and presentation. Some of them incorporate elements of the artwork made by kids.

What we love about Crayola Create and Play app.

You'd expect a Crayola-based app to be colourful and vivid, and Crayola Create and Play does not disappoint. Its crayon-based foundations are most evident in the free draw area, but with the magic of technology, the app can go far beyond the capabilities of physical crayons.

The drawing tools in this app include stamps, stickers and crayons with special effects like flame and snow. Of course, more typical crayons reflect their real-life counterparts with very realistic texturing. 

It is great that kids can choose how freely they want to create within the app. They can enjoy using the tools to draw in a style of their choosing, or they can work within one of the activity guides. This helps to build kids' confidence and gives them inspiration. 

Kids who don't feel confident about drawing can learn how to combine shapes or techniques to achieve an effect. Others might find that they love to create within a certain style; for example, once they've produced pixel art-style pictures in this app, they might carry on with that style elsewhere.

The app's mix of game-like activities and creative experiences make it a great choice for parents who do not want their kids to become reliant on passive videos or over-stimulating games for their entertainment.

What skills does it teach?

Crayola Create and Play's goal is to inspire kids to think about creativity as it entertains them. It has lots of content to guide kids towards creating in different ways, and it has content purely to entertain.

With a bit of parental support, the app forms the basis for some real-world art creation, which would help kids with pen use, art, and imagination.

What age is it appropriate for?

The style and content of the activities in Crayola Create and Play make the app most suitable for kids up to age 6.

Is Crayola Create and Play app easy to use?

Crayola Create and Play is easy to use, even for young kids. Moreover, the app narrates all directions and has no text, catering to pre and early readers. Its options are also simple to understand and reward experimentation. 

Although there is a lot to take in, the app highlights different places and new features to ensure kids explore everything available to them. Kids navigate between the different activities through a beautifully drawn 3D world. Many kids will love using this as it promotes a sense of exploration and being part of the vivid Crayola world.

However, some kids prefer a less extravagant interface, and the app caters to them too. They can access the activities through a more traditional series of screens that groups them according to type. A single tap on each one opens it up to play. 

How will students benefit?

A Crayola Create and Play subscription gives kids a wide range of accessible and creative activities. Unlike with some apps, they can access whatever they want within the app without having to jump through hoops. There are no further in-app purchases, so there'll be no disappointments from blocked access.

The app also caters for what kids want to do in the moment. If they want to do some relaxing colouring, it is there; if they want to learn to draw, they can choose an appropriate activity. When they just want to play a game, they can do that too. 

Most kids also enjoy using real art materials and probably have some crayons; this app will complement that too. They can try their ideas on the easy-to-edit screens and then produce physical art on paper.

Kids might find using a stylus helps them in this app. It doesn't have to be an expensive active stylus like an Apple Pencil, which won't be fully utilised anyway, but a cheap passive stylus will help kids practice holding a pen and give them a little more precision on the screen.

How will parents benefit?

The artmaking section includes videos showing kids how to draw different scenes. Kids can use the in-built drawing tools to follow these videos, but they can also use real crayons and paper. This would make a great shared activity between kids and parents and ensure that screen time does not dominate their lives.

How will teachers benefit?

Crayola Create and Play is most suitable for preschool kids. Teachers might be able to use it to inspire early art lessons or to support kids with educational delay. The free trial would be a good way for teachers to see if they could make use of its drawing videos and creative tools in the classroom.

How much does Crayola Create and Play app cost?

Crayola Create and Play is a free download, and once you have the app, you can start a free trial that lasts seven days. After the trial, a subscription will maintain access to the app content.

Apart from the subscription fee, there are no further costs. The app does not have permanent or consumable in-app purchases.

Is Crayola Create and Play app safe to use?

The app clearly links strongly with the Crayola brand but contains no third-party advertising, whether using the free trial or paying for a subscription. Crayola Create and Play's website indicates the app to be COPPA and PRIVO certified and, for UK and EU users, GDPR compliant.

A parental lock where you are asked to enter your birth year protects many of the app's options and features, including saving to iCloud, camera access, and subscription options.

The app's functionality includes capturing images from the camera for kids to embellish with colours and stickers. Crayola Create and Play's website states that the app does not transmit or collect images created within it.

What can Crayola Create and Play app improve on?

When players exit a game, it always takes them back to the main map screen, even if they used the activity selection screen to explore the app. As there is a short loading screen between changing sections, we'd like the app to take users back to the menu they were using. 

Overall rating of the app.

Crayola Create and Play does a great job of using its crayon-based foundations to produce an app that is more than just entertainment. The app allows for genuine creativity and supports its development. The games which link with spelling and logic extend the app's value further. The app is more than entertaining, but it is great fun for kids, and they'll love its colourful world, fun games and the inspiration they gain.

We think all preschool kids will get fun, learning and entertainment from Crayola Create and Learn, so we have awarded it five stars. Try its seven-day trial with your kids.

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