cRaMiT French GCSE Vocab - AQA

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From the Developer

cRaMiT French GCSE Vocab for AQA contains over 1100 French>English words based on the vocabulary lists provided by the exam board to ensure the best preparation for your French GCSE listening and reading exams. Contains a separate section for higher tier vocabulary for those students aiming up to A/A*.
Now you can practise your French vocab wherever you are; in the car, on the bus or even whilst relaxing in the bath.

• No-nonsense revision: simply choose a topic to view a list of words and tick off as you learn.
• No typing required: simply click on a word to reveal its English translation.
• You are in control: move words to and from your learnt words list as you see fit.
• Motivation by progression: clearly see how you are progressing within each topic.
• Targeted revision for speedy results.
• Simple, fast and effective.

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