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A solid note-taking and organisation app with several innovative features that will be very useful to any student with the required hardware. The EAS has certified this app with 4 stars.

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CourseNotes is not in itself educational, but aims to support students with note-taking and organisation, allowing any subject to be recorded, linked, organised and revised with less effort.  The clean interface is built around a series of user-defined notebooks, which can be customised as you would real-world books, with covers, logos and different page styles.  Several basic options are available, but for the full range you need to purchase packs of extras to use with this app. 

Once the notebook has been set up, you can start recording notes in a variety of ways – typing into pages on screen, taking handwritten notes (only really practical if you have extra hardware such as a stylus), attaching audio and taking or attaching photos and pictures to the notes.  The obvious use for this is to take notes within a class or lecture, effectively replacing a traditional paper notebook, although the accessibility of the app adds scope to use the app in other ways to organise learning – of course this would all be down to the students' own motivation to produce a system for this, since the app doesn't in itself provide any educational structure.  Notes can be accessed again by notebook, or by topic and also usefully through a calendar indicating when each note or set of notes was created.  I can imagine this would be an incredibly useful feature in real life for students need to catch up with peers after a period of absence, and one where this form of organisation would prove a real advantage.

In general, the interface is neat and clean, although not as intuitive to use as it looks like it should be.  It is easy to accidentally start a new notebook for example, and it is not always clear how to add a new note in a particular place. Overall though, given the likely age of the target audience of the app, I would not see this proving any major problem.  I would see the main issue with this app being that it will only work for students who use Apple products across the board – so far the CourseNotes apps are only available on iOS devices, with any export losing the advantages of the CourseNotes interface. 

Overall, this app is a solid example of a note-taking app that will help students keep better organised and learn more effectively, but would benefit greatly from availability across more devices.

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CourseNotes lets you take notes during classes or meetings, keep them organized by subject, and print them or share them with friends! Review your notes later and search through multiple class meetings and notes all at once. You can also keep ToDo lists and track assignments, and sync them with your iPad's calendar.

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CourseNotes fully supports iOS 4.2 with over-the-air printing, multitasking and support for syncing assignments with your iPad’s calendar.

Export your notes online with Facebook for access wherever you are or on any device, or to share with your friends.

Keeping class notes organized is a daunting task for any student. Put an end to unreadable notes on torn up spiral notebooks, and stop paging through your notes looking desparately for that one thing you remember writing that one time... Let CourseNotes be your guide!

Miss a class? Need to print or share your notes with a friend? CourseNotes lets you share your note sessions and view your friends shared notes right in the app. You can also share notes via email or peer-to-peer with other CourseNotes users over BlueTooth or a local network.


• Take notes with text and drawings
• Print your notes via AirPrint
• Organize notes by subject and class meeting
• Track assignments that sync to your iPad’s calendar
• Keep a unified ToDo list for each subject
• Share notes on Facebook for viewing, printing or sharing with friends
• Export notes via email to yourself or friends
• Transfer note sessions peer-to-peer with other CourseNotes users
• Keep a lexicon of terms and definitions for each subject
• Get in-app studysheets and other educational content


"This app not only simplifies iPad note taking, but helps keep those notes organized by time and subject" -- TUAW

"I have purchased just about every note app and this is the best by far!"

"I've tried nearly 20 note taking apps, and CourseNotes is definitly the most elegant and best designed I've seen."

"I wanted to thank you for this fantastic application and tell you how helpful it has been in my classes."

"I am quickly becoming addicted to using this app for all of my notes."

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