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Course Hero: Homework Helper Review

Many students struggle to find comprehensive and reliable study materials to excel in their courses. Additionally, they often encounter difficulties when seeking assistance with their homework assignments outside of regular class hours.

Course Hero addresses these challenges by providing an online learning platform that grants students access to a vast repository of over 30 million course-specific study resources collaboratively contributed by a community of students and educators. Furthermore, Course Hero offers a 24/7 homework help service, connecting students with assessed tutors who can promptly assist with their assignments.

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Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
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Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Maths
English / Literacy

Great for - Academic Relevance

Course Hero: Homework Helper Features

  • Access to a wide range of course-specific study resources growing daily as more students and educators upload their resources
  • 24/7 homework help service provided by human tutors
  • Artificial Intelligence-supported analysis to provide extra information and guidance for students based on their actual notes or assignments
  • Rewards for contributing to the knowledge base
  • Community of students and educators who can provide support
  • Photo-based math solver built-in to the mobile apps


Course Hero blurs on-screen documents for users who do not have unlocks, but it offers some opportunities to gain free unlocks that let students access AI-based support. For example, students can upload their class notes or old exams to the platform to unlock points.

A subscription provides thirty document unlocks, fifteen tutor questions, and access to all textbook solutions. Note that the document unlocks are per payment, not recurring monthly. The value you receive will be determined by how closely the document unlocks you receive reflects your actual use of Course Hero in a year.

Is it good for learning?

Even before technology provided powerful assistance, students had to use some resources responsibly. Textbooks with answers in the back offered a choice between cheating or checking their understanding. I mention this to emphasise that you should not view such features as undermining education - only the user's actions can do that.

Course Hero definitely has the power to help students — if they are responsible. The app has an honour code which expects students to follow their institution's rules and not pass off Course Hero's solutions as their own.

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My biggest concern was that should I have accidentally uploaded the wrong document, I could not delete it. I could treat it as somebody who feels their copyright has been infringed, but that would still leave the file live until removed.

There needs to be a mechanism to delete each file in case students upload something with personal information by mistake.

The app's subscription model is not visible to users. Visiting the site-based FAQ does not help as following links to the app's pricing page take you to the log-in page if you are not already subscribing or to the dashboard if you are. Neither answer the pricing question in a truly transparent way.

As paying for a yearly subscription only gives the stated unlocks for the whole year rather than the more typical monthly renewal, this is not ideal. Course Hero is more expensive than you might expect, and it needs to make this clear.

Benefits for Students

Course handouts, notes, and assignments rarely have all of the information students need to learn. Course Hero makes enhancing these starting points easy.

Students upload their documents to Course Hero, and the AI takes over. It can do different things, but a typical experience will show the app extract questions from the file and offer answers. The AI will derive answers from any supporting material in the file and extra information from the AI.

Course Hero helpfully shows which sources it has used for each part of the answers. For more familiar support, students can also ask a human for help via the mobile or web app. The app will provide the details the student is using to ensure the tutor can provide relevant help directly related to each question.

The library in Course Hero is huge, and as it has been filled by the work of students and course providers, it is at an appropriate level and in a style students are used to. A typical item is accessible and includes knowledge tests and summaries.

Benefits for Teachers

Course Hero wants teachers to become involved. It offers a verified educator programme for the US, Canada and Australia. Those eligible and accepted get free unlocks, dashboards to view how learners use their material, and the chance to be remunerated when their material helps a student. 

Teachers not on the verified programme can gain extra insight into the material they produce by using the Course Hero tools to analyse it. The library of uploaded resources is already huge. And teachers who subscribe to Course Hero get access to them to supplement their materials or inform the creation of new ones.

As students will likely use tools such as Course Hero with or without their teacher's consent, it will also benefit teachers to know what they can do. Educating their pupils on how to get the most from Course Hero without crossing the line into unethical or unhelpful practices will be a helpful supporting lesson for learners.

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Our reviewer's recommendation

Students learn by asking questions, and they demonstrate their knowledge and skills by answering them. Course Hero supports both aspects of students' education. There is no reason in this interconnected world supported by always-available AI, why students can't have tutor-like support even when not at school, and Course Hero is a great way to provide it.