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About countingwell

Countingwell is a comprehensive maths learning platform delivered through a wellmade app. It teaches, assesses and supports kids as they learn maths in personalised twenty-minute sessions. 

Individual students and schools can subscribe to the service, which is aimed at 10-14-year-olds. The Countingwell app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

countingwell Review

What is Countingwell app?

Kids typically need to work at improving their maths knowledge and skills beyond their time in the classroom if they wish to excel. This is the reason schools set homework and parents so often engage the services of maths coaches.

Informed by carefully designed educational approaches and curricula, Countingwell employs technology to replicate the experience of a math coach.

Artificial intelligence personalises each learner's experience. Kids can post questions and get responses from real maths teachers. According to the app's developers, each lesson provided by the app should take twenty minutes, and once per day is the ideal frequency, to achieve noticeable progress.

The Countingwell lessons teach using text, video and animations. Each lesson concludes with kids employing their new knowledge to answer a series of questions.

Countingwell is an app whose developers claim is everything your child needs to learn maths. Keep reading this review of Countingwell app to see if it lives up to this claim.

What we love about Countingwell.

Countingwell exudes quality and careful design. From the concise but effective lessons to the ease of navigation, everything about it lets the user have confidence in its approach.

The app is flexible. While it does implement a learning pathway for its users, they can still branch out into other areas of maths that interest them or which they need to learn sooner. The options are all easily accessible in the app.

What skills does it improve?

Underpinning Countingwell's approach are the recommendations of India's National Educational Policy. It follows the CBSE curriculum, which is Indian in origin but also used in many other countries.

For students in other countries, Countingwell is still worth considering. Maths is the same everywhere and, while the order and ages at which different topics are taught vary to some degree, Countingwell's excellent content and well-structured approach mean it is a great maths learning app for all students.

Countingwell is the very definition of feature-packed. It would fill this review of the Countingwell app to list all its relevant and well-implemented benefits to the user. It is among the most effective and well-rounded maths tuition products out there, and, for most kids, it will do a great job of providing maths coaching.

What age is it appropriate for?

Students in grades 6,7 and 8 of India's education system are the target audience of this app. These students are aged 10 to 14.

The age range stated here is correct at the time of this Countingwell app review, but the associated website indicates that the content is due to expand upwards by two more grade years soon.

Is Countingwell easy to use?

Countingwell's features are accessible through a simple and clear user interface. As the app has been designed for phone-sized devices, its content is easy to read and interact with on small screens.

How will students benefit?

The twenty-minute maths workouts provided by the Countingwell app are perfect for coaching kids. The short time avoids burning kids out, but it is long enough for them to make real progress when the content is as good as that provided by Countingwell.

As Countingwell's assessment process informs the learning path that kids follow, it sets its difficulty level well. Kids will always be progressing at a realistic pace and won't find any disheartening leaps in difficulty.

Kids who find themselves in difficulty with maths will grow to love Countingwell's 'doubt solving' feature. Non-pro subscribers can post their doubts and have an expert teacher respond in time. Pro-subcribers get access to live sessions with the expert teachers.

The excellent learning material in Countingwell does a great job of teaching and explaining but, sometimes, a few words from a teacher can make the difference between entirely and partially grasping a topic. Countingwell does a great job of dispelling doubts to ensure kids' understanding is strong.

How will teachers benefit?

When schools subscribe to Countingwell to provide its maths coaching facilities to their students, they also get some helpful teacher tools. They can assign tasks, tests, and learning assignments to individuals and groups of students.

Students' performance and progress in the app are easy for teachers to track. This ability cuts down on administration tasks for teachers and gives them an up-to-the minute understanding of where each student is at in their maths understanding. Just as the app responds to each child's progress, so can teachers do the same to reinforce the conceptual development.

Countingwell for schools also offers challenges and competitions for students to enter, which can provide extra motivation and real prizes!

How will parents benefit?

Compared to traditional maths coaches, a subscription to Countingwell is of excellent value, more convenient, and likely just as thorough. It even provides some of the individualised support that an in-person coach offers.

Countingwell provides clear reports reflecting each user's interactions with the app.

Parents can see which subjects their child has worked on and the success they have had. Crucially, it also tells parents where their child has struggled. In such cases, parents will want to encourage their children to ensure that they do not avoid dealing with the difficulty.

What can Countingwell improve on?

Countingwell might be a little distracting at times for students not within its home market. References to currency in examples are the most obvious area where this happens.

While the examples are valid and explain the topics well, those not directly related to money could have avoided such localisation problems. There is no reason why kids from other regions could not follow the examples, but the unfamiliarity of another country's currency does make it harder for kids to understand.

Countingwell's website is a superb resource for finding out about what the Countingwell platform can offer students. Its one flaw is in how difficult it is to find the app store links as they are not persistently present. Fortunately, this review of Countingwell has links that will take you directly to the app store relevant to you. 

Countingwell's primary platforms are phone-sized devices. The app will work on larger devices, like iPads, but the screens stretch to fill the display. This compromise works well enough, but we prefer to see apps have a version that takes full advantage of the extra size on tablet devices.

None of the improvements described here is to address significant flaws. Some are purely things that buyers should keep in mind, and others are minor inconveniences.

If this app does what you want, these suggested improvements should not dissuade you from downloading it.

How much does Countingwell cost?

The basic plan is free, allowing daily access for a limited time daily. There are three premium plans (Monthly, Annual and Annual Pro). The “monthly” plan allows users to get unlimited access to content for 30 days, and 12 doubts per month cleared. The “annual” plan allows users to get unlimited access for 365 days, and unlimited doubts cleared by their expert teachers. The annual pro in addition to the annual plan also provides users with weekly doubt solving sessions.

Is Countingwell safe to use?

All of the content viewed during this review of Countingwell was child-friendly and related to education. The app does not have social media facilities and does not contain any advertisements.

Overall rating of the app

Countingwell is an impressive addition to the many maths apps available. The high quality of the content and features immediately lift it into the top tier of maths apps. For those users either following the CBSE curriculum or who are prepared to follow a different lesson structure from their school's curriculum, Countingwell is highly recommended and fully deserving of its five-star certification.

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