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Counting & Addition Kids Games

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Counting & Addition Kids Games is part of the iLearnWith series of Android apps. We like how this app focuses on one specific concept and builds student’s skills through a variety of activities. With this app, children will play games that directly connect to the expectations outlines in the Common Core State Standards or National Curriculum for students at this age level. Counting & Addition Kids Games is a bright and colorful app that includes animated characters who take children through each activity.

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  • Counting & Addition Kids GamesCounting & Addition Kids GamesCounting & Addition Kids Games


Counting and Addition Kids Games will get your child ready for school with these fun math learning games and educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten! Poko will teach your child key math skills such as numbers, counting and addition by playing with toys. These fun math learning games have been designed with educational experts for kids 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old and either in Preschool, Kindergarten, Pre-K, 1st grade of Primary school, or Homeschool to learn counting, addition and numbers.

Key Features
Counting and Addition Kids Games is part of the "i Learn With" program for kids in Preschool, Kindergarten and Homeschool designed to get your child ready for school while having fun!
  • Cross-curricular game-based learning program in Math, Science, Literacy and more 
  • Self-adjusting levels of difficulty 
  • Unique progress tracker for parents 
  • Detailed success stats for your child that can be compared with children the same age
  • Recommended learning path personalized for your child 
  • 27 fun rewards and medals to motivate your child to learn 
  • Designed with educational and child development experts
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