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Time is the Cosmic Rhythm

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Take control of time and see how the flowing patterns of the stars, the solar system and our planet play out in space. 

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Our blue planet is the centrepiece for this simulation app that gives you full reign of time. Zip forward to any date in the future and observe the position of Earth hanging in space among its celestial neighbours. Or rewind the clock to move back in time to see all that has changed in our night sky.
It’s obvious there is more to Comic-watch than simply telling us what time it is, however it is worth mentioning this very feature because of the scope that has been included. Playing about with the settings you’ll soon find that your location on Earth can be pinpointed with the current season, date and time using both a clock face and a digital watch display. This is all beautifully presented with 3D high-resolution graphics of the Earth with the stars and the Milky Way as a backdrop. Of course it’s more fun to start discovering what time it is on the other side of the world so by typing into the search function thousands of different locations can be visited instantly.
The world clock mode is one of four main ways to view our planet; the other three are astronomy, astrology and the solar system. In astronomy mode the stars and major constellations can be discovered, in astrology mode discover the meaning of the ancient symbols of the zodiac and in the solar system mode retreat away from our Earth to witness our place along side the other planets.
No matter what mode you are in you can always access the time-travel feature. Any date can be selected, future or present, or use this feature to speed up time and watch the movement of the celestial bodies in fast-forward. Watching our planet twist and spin allows us to recognise the mechanics of how daytime, night and seasons exist. In the solar system mode you can investigate how and why different planets orbit faster or slower around our Sun compared to our planet Earth. The geocentric view gives a wonderful illustration of why the path of the other planets is a retrograde motion as seen our perspective. As you fly through space and time a counter will keep you aware of the number of days that have passed from the present day. 
Tapping on the settings icon reveals even more additions to each of the modes including guides or reference points for Earth, different Earth globes, options for the night sky and further information that will link to the well resourced app website by the developer. Subtly on the right-hand side of the screen there is a red button that will take a screen shot and prompt a share feature on your device.
Simulation apps for teaching and learning can be a very powerful tool especially when classrooms lack specialist equipment or resources. A high quality simulation app will always give students the freedom to explore and discover without limits. Cosmic-watch delivers on this and its stunning visuals provide imagination and inspiration to go looking for more.
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Developer Description

The Cosmic Watch 2.0 is a high quality 3D planetarium and timepiece. This powerful educational tool renders stunning graphics of the earth and sky in real time. It's a playful and entertaining introduction to Astronomy and Time.
Take an astronaut's flight over planet earth or explore the solar system. Point your phone or tablet towards the sky and experience it in augmented reality!! Get to know the constellations, stars, and planets in your sky right now! Travel to the past, present and future and see how time is related to the movements of the solar system. 
The Cosmic Watch combines basic principles of astronomy with time measurement to deliver a journey through space and time, while providing real time visualisations of your position in the cosmos. The Cosmic Watch 2.0 calculates important astronomical events so you never miss the next cosmic phenomena.
The Cosmic Watch is for everyone who loves the planet earth and wants to unlock the secrets of the celestial vault. It's a must have for nature lovers and outdoor adventures, amateur astronomers and advanced stargazers, professional astronomers, clock fans, science fiction geeks. 
Cosmic Watch has won several app awards including:

WEBBY AWARD for the Best Educational App 2018
WIRED and TECHRADAR Best iPhone and iPad apps 2017
AASL best apps for teaching and learning 2017
The Cosmic Watch 2.0 has made improvements towards usability.
Unique app containing a 3D celestial sphere for an overview of the whole sky
Planetarium with star maps, constellations and astronomical events calculator
Augmented reality for experiencing the sky
Earth globe with high resolution textures for night and day
3D interactive astronomical clock and world clock
Comprehensive representation of retrogrades
Geocentric and Heliocentric views of the solar system
Digital compass
Many informative layers
The Cosmic Watch was created by Celestial Dynamics, a small and enthusiastic team of dreamers, visionaries and profound seekers with the mission to create beautiful and inspiring apps to raise awareness of the earth, sky and the cosmos.
Join the expansion of the universe and of your knowledge with this app. Experience the world's first and most advanced 3D interactive astronomical clock of the digital age. 
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