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Time is the Cosmic Rhythm

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About Cosmic Watch

Cosmic Watch is an app that uses mesmerising and realistic 3D graphics to help illustrate the relative positions and movements of a variety of components in Space. The app exemplifies the views of the earth, sun, planets and more, all in real time. Cosmic Watch also allows users to manipulate the position of these celestial bodies, create and personalise their view points and caters each experience to the individual to help them gain insight into the ever-changing nature of the universe.

This app allows users to understand and visualise concepts which are hard to comprehend from a theoretical standpoint. The app’s ability to provide a ‘sky view’, for users to see the positions of larger stars and celestial bodies from their own location is a fantastic and unique adaptation. This app has a large variety of options to individualise the user experience, resulting in endless opportunities for exploration. Cosmic watch is one of the recommended astronomy apps by our teachers.

Cosmic Watch Review

Cosmic Watch is an educational app that allows students to visually develop their understanding of the relative positions of the Earth and surrounding celestial bodies. The app enables thorough comprehension of this through observation and manipulation of different variables including but not limited to; geocentric and heliocentric views, adding interstellar gas and dust detail and labelling seasons, horizons, stars, and planets. 

When opening the app, users are asked to allow access to their current location, which if granted, creates a display of stunning 3D graphics showing the Earth’s position in real time. Left here, the app remains an incredibly impressive clock that also illustrates the rotation of the Earth throughout the day. However, to delve deeper into the enormity of additional information provided in this app, there are surrounding tabs which is where the personalised experience begins. Thanks to the in-app help tab, even novice users can get the most from this 3D planetarium. Added to that, anyone is welcome to explore an incredibly detailed user guide available on the Cosmic Watch website. 

Users can cater their location to a point of interest and are able to search in the realm of 23,000 locations and display the view from there. Additionally, there is a fantastic key events and notification section. It provides core information on sunrise, moonrise, and setting time, together with larger events including eclipses. Users can schedule and view them as part of the simulation or receive notifications of these events through their phone alerts system. 

Selecting to view initially under the apps ‘minimal mode’ allows users to then build up their desired additional information and learn as they go. From the mode tab, users are able to switch between viewing the Earth surrounded by a world clock, astronomy content including celestial bodies and Zodiac information, all set in real time. The ‘time control’ tab then allows you to manipulate the speed and go back and forth in time to see how this alters the positions of these entities. This way, you can excitingly enter specific dates in both the past and the future and see how it alters the position and view of the cosmos. 

Another useful tab is the ‘views’ tab which allows you to alter your view from the Earth, the solar system and most recently the ‘sky’. Under the sky view, users are able to point their phone into the sky at their exact location and see the positions of larger stars and celestial bodies. This gives a fantastically engaging and surreal experience which goes beyond what the capacity  of the naked eye. 

When manipulating speeds, it is exciting to see how planets move. You can switch between the geocentric or heliocentric view and watch the astonishing difference in movements when altering the focal points.

Lastly, there's also the display options tab, which is where the majority of individualisation and exploration occurs. A variety of different options allow you to customise your experience depending on what you wish to explore. Users are able to change the clock face information around the earth and display this in the form of seasons, years, digital displays and more. Additional information can be added and removed from the sky such as constellation names, zodiac information, star names and alter the conditions by adding gas and dust normally invisible to us. Guides are also available in the form of adding planet names, coordinates and orbits. 

One of the superb features of the app is the ability to screenshot and share socially your celestial creation which provides a fantastic resource for personalised learning and sharing of ideas in an educational setting. 

From an academic standpoint, the idea of this app is to provide information and comprehension of a subject difficult to study within a classroom. The incredible graphics are eye-catching and engaging and it feels as though each experience is just scratching the surface of a learning journey and users are able to dig deeper and deeper with each use. That’s why it is worthy of its current five-star rating. 

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