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About Cooklist

Cooklist is an app to help you buy groceries more efficiently, manage your kitchen ingredients more effectively, use what you have less wastefully, and learn some new recipes. You link Cooklist with your favourite store loyalty cards and let the app do the work.

You can link Cooklist to your favourite grocery store with a loyalty card and use it on your iOS or Android device. After a seven-day free trial of the free-to-download app, you can continue to use Cooklist with a monthly or annual subscription.

Cooklist Review

What is Cooklist app?

Labour saving is one of the most significant impacts of technology. It has freed us up for leisure and creativity, and it continues to do so. 

Cooklist is another step in this direction that makes grocery shopping easier.

Like millions of other shoppers, you probably already have a store loyalty card. You link your card with Cooklist, and it creates what the app describes as a digital pantry. You populate this pantry to reflect your physical pantry so that the app can help you automate your shopping and get the most from your groceries.

You'll initially set up Cooklist by importing your shopping history or manually entering what you have in your refrigerator and cupboards — this is made easier with a built-in barcode scanner. After the initial set-up, the app can use its link with your store card to keep the digital and real pantries synchronised, and you can make fine adjustments manually to show purchases from elsewhere.

Cooklist adds an innovative extra feature to its grocery tracking by incorporating why you buy those items — to make tasty meals.

You can choose recipes, and the app will add what you need for that meal. If you know you have ingredients close to expiry, the app can suggest meals to combine them and use them up before they are wasted.

The recipes are customisable to your preferences. If you or a family member has allergies, a special diet or something else, you can account for them in your recipes. You can also guide the app to follow general principles like saving money or time when it chooses your recipes.

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What we love about Cooklist app.

Unless you are an extraordinarily organised shopper with a flawless memory, you must have encountered one of the following problems:

  • Buying groceries you don't need because you already have them
  • Forgetting to replace a kitchen staple
  • Forgetting a key ingredient
  • Wasting groceries because you can't think how to combine and use them
  • Drawing a blank on which meal to prepare for the evening

Cooklist, used to its full potential, could put these potential problems firmly in the past. At the same time, it can teach you new recipes and meal ideas. 

Cooklist isn't a traditional educational app, but by making the lives of teachers and parents easier, it gives them more time to spend helping kids or improving their work-life balance, which is just as important. Plus, the innovative way of using up near-to-expiry groceries might teach everyone a favourite new recipe.

What skills does it teach?

Cooklist is a life organiser app designed to help you buy and use your groceries as efficiently as possible. Its developers have not intended it to teach skills but to make life run more smoothly. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Cooklist is an app for a general audience. However, you might find that there are ways you can involve kids with its use. Later in this review of Cooklist, we give an example under the student section.

Is Cooklist app easy to use?

The Cooklist app is clearly laid out with logical categories for finding and adding groceries. The additional tools, such as the receipt import, barcode scanner, and pantry history, add to the app's usefulness.

If you do want to understand more about the app, there is a helpful tutorial video accessible from within the free-to-download Cooklist app.

How will students benefit?

Sometimes, setting kids chores creates more hassle than it saves, but Cooklist could provide a good way for you to get kids to help out in a useful way that suits their app-aware skills. Your kitchen cupboard needs to be kept in sync with Cooklist, so perhaps you could make this your kids' responsibility.

Even if you link the app with your store cards to automate most of the process, you'll still benefit from a manual check and entry of expiry dates.

As well as giving kids a useful job that suits their skills, you might find a lot less instances of used up items as they forget to mention they used the last of the milk, for example. Your kids will have contributed to the smooth running of their home and grown their sense of responsibility.

How will parents benefit?

Parents have to fulfil many roles, and one of those is a family administrator. It isn't the most fun role; it takes you away from rest and spending time with your kids. It can also be a source of family friction.

Cooklist can ease the burden on you to ensure that your food cupboard is well-stocked, avoid the frustration of used-up ingredients, and, perhaps, save some money.

How will teachers benefit?

Kids tend to think that teachers don't exist outside of school. They're in school when the kids arrive and still there when they go. What leads to a kid's perspective of the life of a teacher also leads to the reality of the time-strapped teacher.

Busy teachers usually buy their groceries during lunch breaks or after school. In the morning rush, it is easy to forget to check what groceries have expired or been used. At school, when thinking of the evening meal, you might not want to stop off to shop. Do you have enough ingredients to make a meal?

Organising your kitchen cupboard with Cooklist will help streamline your life, buy what you need, and reduce waste. Skipping an unneeded stop at a shop will give you half hour back in the evening. Using up ingredients about to go out of date will save you some cash.

What can Cooklist app improve on?

For many apps, a seven-day trial is enough for an app to provide its consumers with a good overview of what it offers. It feels a little short in this case, as we'd like to see the opportunity for users to set it up and get full use of the app over a complete week so they can see how it fits into their lives.

With seven days, this is too tight, but a 10 or 14-day trial would make the trial much more informative.

When you do need to update your pantry inventory manually, the app provides useful tools to make it easy, such as a barcode reader. As barcodes do not reflect expiry dates, the app cannot extract this information, but an optical character recognition feature could help make this a less manual process.

How much does Cooklist app cost?

Cooklist is a free app to download. The app's full features require a monthly or yearly subscription but you can try them before you commit by enjoying a free seven-day trial.

Is Cooklist app safe to use?

To get the most from Cooklist, you need to link it with your store cards. This allows the app to automate more of your shopping process. This connection inevitably means an exchange of data regarding your shopping habits which is described in the app's privacy policy alongside assurances of the app's conformity to best practices and legal requirements.

The app requests permission to track location, access device cameras, and links with financial services you use as part of your grocery shopping. Each is justified by functionality in the app.

Overall rating of the app.

You have a phone for many reasons. You likely have a store loyalty card for convenience, rewards, and special offers. You might as well use both of these to make your life easier, and Cooklist lets you do that.

Your loyalty card is a trove of information about your shopping habits, so why not benefit by letting Cooklist automate what, for many people, is a bit of a chore - grocery buying? Layer on to this the chance to learn some new recipes that make your grocery shopping go further, and Cooklist might well earn a spot on your most frequently-used app screen. 

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