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About Contain Your Brain

Contain Your Brain is developed in conjunction with a clinical psychologist to help its users deal with worry, anxiety, and stress. It uses a simple concept of set, sort, and solve and provides the support to implement it. Teachers and parents may find it useful for themselves but also to help their kids deal with problems.

The app is suitable for anyone aged fifteen and over and could be useful for some slightly younger people too. The app is available on iOS and Android for a single one-off price without a subscription or in-app purchase.

Contain Your Brain Review

What is Contain Your Brain app?

Contain Your Brain is an app to help you deal with your worries. At its heart is the idea that worries take up time and energy without ever improving the situation or fears that lead to them.

The app includes advice from a clinical psychologist and has tools to help you park your worries until the time you have dedicated to them. You enter each concern into the app and categorise them as solvable, unsolvable, or solved.

The app provides strategies for dealing with each category of worry, including those you must accept rather than resolve. It also helps you structure when you deal with those worries by organising time to set aside to focus on them.

The idea is to concentrate on your worries for a chosen period (the app recommends 15-30 minutes) and then do your best to put them aside until your dedicated worry time the next day.

Crystalising your worries by putting them into words, knowing there is a time when you will address them, and strategies to help you avoid dwelling on them help to reduce the time and energy you lose to worries.

The app quotes research stating that 97% of our worrying is unfounded and that we deal with those that come to pass much better than we anticipate. In this context, finding a way to stop worries dominating our lives makes sense.

In this Contain Your Brain app review, we'll look at how well this app achieves this aim.

What we love about Contain Your Brain app.

Any coping strategy's effectiveness will vary between individuals. For some, they will work brilliantly. Some might not find them valuable, and many will fall into some point in between. We don't have the time to reflect on how well Contain Your Brain has worked during the review, and it would not necessarily be the same for you, but we can say that it felt right.

The app doesn't suggest you'll completely forget about your worries until the allocated time, but it feels easier to distract yourself from them when you know you'll give them your full attention later.

Writing them down helps you focus on the essence of the worries. Placing a concern in the unsolvable category is a concrete step towards ending the stress of resolving the unresolvable. Instead, you can put your energy into accepting and adapting to the situation.

The app's suggested strategies are realistically achievable by most of us and provide insight into what drives our anxiety.

Trying something new, especially to help mental health, can be difficult. We question whether it could work for us, whether we have the self-discipline to stick with it, and, perhaps, whether we can afford it.

Contain Your Brain is very accessible. You can learn about the app before using it by viewing its website demo (and reading this review). Even more crucial, the app doesn't add to anxiety by making you feel you have committed to a new, ongoing financial outlay.

By avoiding subscriptions or upselling in-app purchases, Contain You Brain app becomes a tool you just have. It is there on your device for you to use and not constantly reappraise to see if it works for you. This simple payment model is a good feature for any app, but we feel especially important for an app designed to help with anxiety, especially in today's world where finances might be a key worry.

What skills does it teach?

Contain Your Brain is not a curriculum or skills-focused app. Its purpose is to help people address their worries. Dealing with stress and anxiety effectively can boost educational progress or remove barriers.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is most suited to kids aged 15+ and adults, although some kids aged 12+ might find it beneficial. Parents, teachers, counsellors or therapists should make this decision.

Is Contain Your Brain app easy to use?

The Contain Your Brain app works like many other apps with a navigation bar along the bottom which you use to choose sections. It is quick and easy to access whichever feature you need.

The app is also full of advice to get the most out of using it and its methods for managing worry and anxiety. It acknowledges that its approach will initially feel strange but that you'll start to feel the benefits after a couple of weeks.

How will students benefit?

The techniques and process of Contain Your Brain do need the user to have an appropriate level of emotional maturity and the self-discipline to dedicate to the process. This is why the app's developers suggest the app is best for kids aged 15+ but could be useful for those as young as 13.

Entering their worries into this app could help kids resolve worries by assisting them in drawing clearer lines between the cause and effects. For example, kids worrying about exam performance might realise that their fears directly result from not dedicating enough time to studies. Or, they might realise they are doing all required and should pay the worry less mind.

If kids' anxiety goes beyond what they can deal with alone, the entries into the app will help them articulate their concerns and possibly help counsellors spot patterns in the problems. This could be through kids using the app for reference or exporting the worries to pass on.

How will parents benefit?

Parent might find the app beneficial for themselves but Contain Your Brain also gives them an additional tool to help their kids. If their kids can fully understand the causes of their worries or see ways to resolve them, they can more clearly articulate how their parents could support them.

Parents might want their kids to open up to them, but this might not be something their kids feel comfortable doing. The ultimate goal is for kids to deal with their worries, so if opening up to this non-judgemental and supportive app achieves that goal, that will be a win for parents and kids.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers are just as vulnerable to worry and anxiety as anyone else. Providing the best for many children can only add to the pressures inherent in any responsible job.

A portable, ever-present coping tool could help teachers throughout the school day. The app's security features ensure that curious young eyes will never see the entries, even if a teacher absent-mindedly puts down their phone.

School management has a responsibility to help their staff maintain good mental health, and Contain My Brain is potentially a tool to help them do that.

Contain Your Brain could also provide a cost-effective and valuable tool for school counsellors and teachers to offer to children struggling with anxiety or complex life events. By saving all entries to the user's device and using security locks, Contain Your Brain is a much safer option for schools than other notetaking options.

What can Contain Your Brain app improve on?

Contain Your Brain is a simple-to-use app which works without issue or frustration. The coping mechanism it advocates and supports is realistic and achievable. This doesn't leave any areas where we could suggest an improvement.

How much does Contain Your Brain app cost?

Contain Your Brain does not have a trial version, but you can fully understand what it offers by viewing the demo on its website. We don't think a trial version would have given much insight, as the app needs a long-term commitment to its strategies.

Instead, we are pleased to see the purchase of Contain Your Brain is refreshingly straightforward and comes as a single outright purchase for a low price. There are no advertisements, in-app purchases or subscriptions.

The app is compatible with Family Sharing.

Is Contain Your Brain app safe to use?

Our worries are often deeply personal, and if they are to be shared, we want to be in control of that decision. Contain Your Brain does not store anything in the cloud with what you enter remaining on your device unless you export them.

To be sure your entries remain safe, the app protects them using your device's passcode, touch or face ID security features.

Overall rating of the app.

Many of us live our lives against a background noise of worry. It could be that, like real, constant noise, we only notice it when it is gone. We think that Contain Your Brain has the potential to contribute towards silencing worry, and its one-off price and achievable strategies make it worth a try.

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