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Conjugation Nation Spanish

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Conjugation Nation Spanish app will help beleaguered students tackle the pesky, pesky world of Spanish verbs.

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Developer Description

Learn Spanish verbs. Practice conjugating verbs with an interactive, fun and addictive quiz. We give you a verb, tense, and pronoun - you give the correctly conjugated verb. Quizzes are available in sets of 10, 25, and 50 questions. Customize your quiz. Select from a list of 501 verbs, 13 tenses, and 6 pronouns. That's almost 40,000 conjugations!


Customize your quiz:

  • Select from a list of 115 verbs, create and save custom lists, or select by verb stem.
  • Select tenses (beginners can start with just Presente).
  • Select pronouns (work with all of them, or select a subset - e.g. Yo, Tu).

Learn new words:

  • Full Verb Reference
  • While taking the quiz, TAP the screen to show English translations.
  • If you're stumped, you can SWIPE UP to view the answer, and then also view all conjugations if desired.
  • Adjust the quiz pace, slow it down by adjusting Answer Display Duration under the options panel.
  • Review the summary to go over incorrect answers.
  • Review the verb conjugation tables to brush up.
  • View the regular stem reference to learn about conjugation patterns for regular verbs.

Personal Top Scores:

  • Go for speed and try to conjugate in record time.
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