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Comomola Fireflies

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About Comomola Fireflies

Reassure your child as you share their bedtime with this storybook-style app designed to show that there is nothing to fear when the lights go out.

Teacher Review

Bedtime storybooks have always been and probably always will remain popular with parents and children.  Comomola Fireflies is an app with the same purpose as a bedtime book: to help parents soothe children ready for sleep and while doing so spend some quality time with them.

As Amy, the child at the centre of this app, lies awake in bed fretting about the imagined dangers lurking in the darkness, her cuddly toys try to show her what they know of the night.  Tapping on each of these leads to an animated scene where children can tap on each element and see a short animation designed to reassure.

Once all of the animations on a screen have been seen,  the player goes back to Amy to see if she is ready to sleep.  Until all of the toys have shared their scenes, she resolutely refuses to have the light turned out.  

There are a number of animations on each screen and finding the trigger points is part of the explorative nature of the app.  It is not too stimulating as the elements which form the triggers stand out well.  You can click on as many or as few of these as you like before returning to see if Amy is ready to sleep yet.

And this is how the developers of the app see it being used.  The app adds to favourite bedtime story books and music.  If you build a 10-minute storytime or such like into your child's bedtime routine where you share their last few minutes before going to sleep, this app can be the focus of that.  

It is clear that this app is made for bedtime.  Its muted colours, dream-like animations and soothing sound effects and voice are designed to calm and relax young children.  The interactions are meant not to challenge but to soothe.  Its message that there is nothing to fear when the bedroom lights go out is one that many parents are trying to pass on to their youngsters.  

Comomola Fireflies is a bedtime story app which makes its design aims a little different to other apps.  It has a clear end so that once it is reached, and Amy turns out her light to go to sleep, there is nothing more to do with the app this time.  Children won't feel the urge to go on, but hopefully will follow Amy's lead and close their eyes ready for sleep.

This might make the app feel a little short from an adult's point of view but the app would have failed in its aim if it had an extended play time.  Children love to return to favourite stories so the app is sure to be requested on subsequent nights giving it a longevity that adults might not expect.

If you are looking for a bedtime treat for children or to expand the range of calming activities that you have to hand for them, Comomola Fireflies is a delightful app that you and your young children can enjoy together.

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Story for kids to invite the children to go to bed. A relaxing routine to share with the family.

It includes five atmospheres with relaxing sounds, more than 20 animals and interactive objects and voices in English, Spanish, Swedish, German and French.

Comomola Fireflies is a story created for the little ones. No advertising, no payment barriers and very easy to use. Buy once and enjoy it always.

In short, Comomola Fireflies is a children's story or goodnight story, which will become a magical routine to invite children to sleep.

About us: We are a study of design and development of apps for children. We create apps responsibly and securely.

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