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From the Developer

Community Helpers by Tinytapps teaches preschool children about people who make our lives easier and remind us of how inter-connected our lives are.

  • 10 Helpers and 1 activity FREE
  • 40 Community Helpers.
  • 5 Activities

Your child will learn about some common and others not so common Community Helpers. From 1-40 we have covered, Teacher, Doctor, Policeman, Fire Fighter, Milkman, Mailman, Actor, Writer, Dancer, Farmer, Mechanic, Zoo Keeper etc.

Your child will also learn, the:

  • Work they do. e.g. A Doctor treats sick and injured patients.
  • Place they Work in. e.g. A Teacher works in a school.

Learning Content

  1. Work they do.
  2. Place they Work in.
  3. Tools they use.
  4. Transport they use.
  5. Uniform they wear.

It’s a fun way to learn about the various professions and the services they provide. An app that will make learning fun, interactive and engaging for all kids aged 2 and above.

Activities: Fun & Evaluation

  1. Photo Shoot – Click a photo as your favourite helper.
  2. Guess Who? Guess the Helper
  3. Tools & Transport – Tap to recognize the correct tool or transport
  4. Place of Work – Tap to recognize the correct place of work for the Helper.
  5. Cool Colours – Enjoy colouring the Helpers, Transport etc.
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PHSE and Citizenship


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