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About CommunicoTool 2

CommunicoTool 2 is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) visual support application. The app is suitable for children who are non-verbal, have language delay or autism.

CommunicoTool 2 Review

A really useful app especially for children on the autism spectrum, CommunicoTool 2 gives children with language difficulties a voice.  What I really enjoyed about CommunicoTool 2, is its ability to do more than commonly known Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) apps. Having a scheduling tool and timer are particularly useful features; not needing to leave the app for such features is a real plus point. Being unable to communicate basic wants and needs can be extremely frustrating and can lead to heightened anxiety and in some cases negative behavior. This app provides visual support to aid communication and minimize frustrations.

Multiple modules are available in the application with more in the pipeline, these include; Communication, Feelings, Doloris, Timer, Sequence and Communication+. Upon opening the app, you are presented with these modules. Should you wish to only use certain modules, the ability to hide and unhide is available in settings. A walkthrough guide helps you to understand the features as a first time user and help is easily accessed from each screen.

Communication: Gives the user the ability to communicate basic wants and needs in a variety of contexts. The app allows you to personalize the module to suit your child’s needs by adding stock images or photos from the gallery. You are also able to add your own audio recording which is an excellent feature.

Feelings: Quick access to a variety of emotions and feelings are available.

Doloris: A really useful diagnostic module which a young person can quickly show if they are in pain or discomfort. The interface design for this module is really good and includes a scale that measures the level of intensity.

Timer: A fully customizable timer which is useful for children who find ending preferred tasks particularly difficult.

Sequence: A scheduling module which allows you to create ‘First then Next’ sequences. Particularly useful for minimizing anxieties of upcoming tasks.

Communication+: This module allows for the combination of multiple pictograms or images to create longer sentences.

CommunicoTool 2 is definitely a great introductory app to the world of AAC. Furthermore, content can be personalized and added as the communicator becomes more adept at using the application, increasing its capacity as an effective communication medium. The latest research reveals that the biggest factor in choice of AAC system should be the user’s preference rather than any particular advantage that one system has over another. CommunicoTool 2 certainly has an advantage here being very user friendly with an inviting interface and usability that children will warm to.

As with all AAC apps I have come across, the first feature I look for is the ability to use core vocabulary. Unfortunately this feature is not yet available, but the developers have said it is ‘coming soon’, which is a really pleasing development. It will be really interesting how the core words feature can be integrated into what already is a really cool app. Overall; CommunicoTool 2 is an impressive application that the children in our school enjoy using. With appropriate modelling from the child’s communication partner, the app definitely has the potential to enhance communication. A suggestion that the developer may consider, would be to look at additional symbol software that can be customized to the app. This would be particularly important when the core vocabulary model is released. Many schools use a chosen symbol system for uniformity in the wider communication environment outside device use. This can consolidate core word understanding and increase opportunities to use core words. 

In CommunicoTool 2 pro, the ability to manage over 99 profiles is available on a single tablet for $149. This is particularly useful for speech therapists with large case loads.

 The developers website is also informative and contains tips in ways to use the app effectively. They have done an excellent job in the creation of CommunicoTool 2 and I look forward to their future developments. Well done :)   

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