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About Comic Strip It! pro

With Comic Strip It you can make compelling comic strips and story boards instantly, wherever you go.

Use images from your gallery or take new photos directly into your comic strip, then position, resize, and rotate each frame.

Add captions, titles, speech bubbles and more. Apply image effects to each frame to create a comic-book feel, then share via all your social platforms.

Use Comic Strip It! comic maker for:
✔ Making amusing comic strips of random things you get up to
✔ Creating Step-by-step how-to's with photos and text descriptions
✔ Creating Storyboards
✔ Captioning images (e.g. Lolcats)
✔ Creating annotated Memes

We are working very hard on new features, and will gradually push some "pro" features back to "lite". Set the app to auto-update - we are publishing new releases regularly!

Please please, if you have any problems at all contact us directly by email - crash reports are great but Google don't give us any way to contact you back!!

Speech Balloon types (pro only):

✔ Oblong speech
✔ Oval speech
✔ Square speech
✔ Cloudy thought
✔ Oval thought
✔ Square thought
✔ Oblong whisper
✔ Oval whisper
✔ Square whisper
✔ Jagged Scream

All speech balloon types are available in a range of colours, have four different text sizes to choose from, and can be resized, and positioned to your satisfaction.

New in 1.5.9 - frame-size options: Before choosing your background image, select a frame-size. Careful selection of frame-size allows you to make cool, irregular layouts. Available frame sizes:
✔ standard (350x350)
✔ wide (710x350)
✔ tall (350x710) [pro only]
✔ large (710x710) [pro only]

Image FX:
✔ Cartoon
✔ Super-hero
✔ Glow
✔ Blue Cartoon
✔ Red Cartoon
✔ Green Cartoon
✔ Yellow Cartoon
✔ ComicBook (print effect)
✔ ComicBook lite (print effect)
✔ Newsprint
✔ Newsprint lite
✔ Neon
✔ Day-glo
✔ Greyscale outline
✔ Noir outline
✔ Red-ified (b&w but with red picked out - think "sin city")
✔ Smooth Noir
✔ Red-ified Smooth Noir
✔ Noir Cartoon
✔ Redi-ified Noir Cartoon

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You can download Comic Strip It! pro on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

Download Comic Strip It! profor Android

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