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About Coloring games for kids 2-6 +

Animopus is a drawing app for kids aged between two and six. It gives them a subject to draw using real materials and then asks them to photograph the finished picture. It then isolates and incorporates the drawing into one of its many preset animations.

A feature-limited version of Animopus is available to download for free. It can be fully unlocked at no cost for three days, after which a subscription is needed. The app is available only on iOS devices.

Coloring games for kids 2-6 + Review

What is Animopus app?

Kids have always enjoyed drawing and colouring. Animopus provides the inspiration for what to draw and the motivation of contributing towards a cartoon.

After kids select one of more than fifty cartoons, the app gives them an item to draw. They don't draw this in the app—they use paper and whatever art materials they like, such as coloured pens, paints, or even a collage.

When they are done, they use their device to capture an image of their drawing. After a few seconds of processing, the completed animation is ready to watch.

The animations incorporate the pictures produced by kids. By having a naive, hand-drawn style, the app's animations and kids artwork merge well. Assuming the itemdrawn by kids is distinct from its background, the app isolates it and overlays it on the animation almost seamlessly.

What we love about Animopus. 

Most educational apps keep kids stuck to their screens. A few give ideas of what to do away from the device. Animopus has a much more even mix that combines real-world creativity with the technological attractions of mobile devices. This mix is great for helping kids find a healthy balance between app-based activities and others.

Parents find it easy to get apps that keep kids playing on their devices but not so easy to get kids to do something without a screen. Apps that help with this, like Animopus, are very welcome.

What skills does it improve?

Animopus encourages kids to be creative. It can help them develop drawing skills and exercise their imaginations.

Young kids learn to hold writing implements and control them through their early artistic attempts. Using this app will help them prepare for handwriting.

What age is it appropriate for?

Animopus is an ideal app for kids aged between two and six.

Is Animopus easy to use?

The app guides new users through its creation process well, but younger kids could benefit from parents helping them. Young kids might struggle with holding tablet devices steady enough to capture their pictures at the right distance.

How will students benefit?

The attraction of electronic entertainment sometimes means that kids miss out on traditional activities that they might also enjoy. Animopus uses kids' love of technology to get them to draw and create. Most kids will enjoy doing this, but a few will discover a passion for art that will last a lifetime.

How will teachers benefit?

Animopus makes a fun goal for the end of art lessons. Teachers can demonstrate how to draw an item, and after kids have drawn it, they can bring it to life using the app.

How will parents benefit?

A good mix of apps on kids' devices includes entertainment (kids' favourites), educational apps (parents' favourites) and mixed apps (a happy medium). Animopus falls easily into this latter category allowing parents to ensure that their kids don't spend all of their leisure time playing games or watching videos while still letting kids enjoy themselves.

What can Animopus improve on?

The app gives kids simple objects to draw for the animation and provides a reference image. It would be helpful for kids who struggle with drawing recognisable items to have some downloadable outlines for subscribers to download and print from the app's supporting website.

The app's isolation capability does a good job of removing blank backgrounds from kid's drawings when the item is distinct and filled, but it struggled when items were plain outlines without any fill. The app should give users some more guidelines on ensuring it can process the pictures correctly for the animations.

Animopus should also mention that the pictures produced for the app don't have to be pure pencil and paper. Non-artistic parents might not consider other art materials, so a few extra ideas would benefit them.

How much does Animopus cost?

You can download the Animopus app for free. Without activating the free trial, you can access a limited number of animations. All new users can trial the entire app for three days at no cost.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

After a three-day free trial, users must pay for a subscription to continue using and accessing the animations. The subscription follows the typical pattern of being better value if you subscribe for a year rather than month by month.

This app's longevity with your children depends on how much they enjoy sketching pictures and seeing them in cartoons. The creative process remains the same in this app, with variety provided by the subjects the app asks them to draw and its animations.

Is Animopus safe to use?

All of the animations in Animopus are child-friendly, and the app does not contain advertisements.

A parental lock based on multiplications hides a review request, survey, choice of language, Twitter link, and subscribe options. Being based on times tables makes this parental lock stronger than many others that rely on simple addition. With all such protections, an older sibling or mathematically able child can get past them.

Overall rating of the app.

Animopus combines practical art and app-based viewing very well to promote fun and creativity. The developer's decision to utilise physical art rather than incorporate an art package into the app was right.

A lot of work has gone into the app's many animations, which justifies its subscription cost. If you know that your kids already love to draw, you'll know if the app is suited to them after the short trial period. For other kids, a monthly subscription is likely to be best until you see Animopus is going to hold their attention.

Animopus is definitely worth investigating for every child. It will become a favourite for those who love to draw and are excited to see their creations used in animations.

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