Colorama - Kids Coloring Book

Category: Art

Ages: 5-7 7-11
Price: iPhone/iPad - Paid
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From the Developer

Colorama is a fun animated coloring book for all ages. Vibrant colors and funny illustrations keep you smiling. Nurture your child’s artistic talent, and keep them busy with positive and productive activity. The intuitive and friendly touch-sensitive interface is easy to pick up for all ages, in any language. Kid-tested and parent-approved, this is one iPhone and iPod app that both you and your kids will love.


  • 82 custom illustrations by French artist Ôd - included!
  • Share drawings on your Facebook wall.
  • Print drawings directly to shared printers.
  • Email your creation to your friends in a pdf format.
  • Save photos to your iphone photo library.
  • Intuitive interface that has been tested and refined with children of many ages.
  • No more frustrating finger-painting: just touch an area to fill it with color.
  • Develops hand-to-eye coordination in children.
  • Touch locator improves touch accuracy.
  • Automatically saves work in progress. Don’t worry, it’s not lost!
  • No ads!
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