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About Collins French-English

Collins French English is an app that helps users acquire proficiency in the French language. 

Collins French-English Review

What do we like about Collins French English?

The number tool in the Collins French English app allows you to translate numerals into French and English language. The app's language switcher option allows you to switch between French-English and English-French. To examine the 50 most recent verb conjugations, dictionary definitions, and other information in one location, tap the history button. You can opt to entirely wipe the list or delete one element at a time. You can also sort the list alphabetically or by date.

What skills does it improve?

Collins French English App helps every user to be proficient in the language and enhance their skills in the language. The app features noun genders, slang, technical language, and regional differences in spelling and usage. Hundreds of usage notes about troublesome constructions are offered. Smart search finds results in case you misspell or mistype and the search-as-you-go displays words and narrows your selection as you type.

What age is it appropriate for?

Collins French English App is appropriate for all ages who are translators and serious language learners who demand greater accuracy.  

Is Collins French English free?

Collins French English App is free to download on all iOS devices. 

Is Collins French English easy to use?

Collins French English App is fairly simple to use and has a fantastic, well-thought-out user interface that promotes learning. To view a word's definition, tap on it. To hear the pronunciation of any word, tap and hold on to it. To get a verb's conjugation, tap on it. 

How will students benefit?

Collins French English App explains in the practice listing. Additionally, each verb's complete conjugation tables are included, and they are shown right below the definition. The app offers simple tables for conjugating verbs and each term has detailed information that frequently includes examples of phrases that illustrate how the word is used. This is particularly helpful for figurative language or word choices that don't transfer accurately.

The Collins French-English dictionary offers all the definitions and translations you require in addition to a number of useful extras. The number translator immediately translates numbers into French or English text, while the verb conjugation tool provides full conjugations for thousands of verbs in all common forms.

How will teachers benefit?

Collins French English App helps teachers to enhance their skills in the language and freshen up their knowledge. 

What can Collins French English improve on?

Secondary meanings are omitted in Collins French English App and old forms are not used frequently, and uncommon words are made even more uncommon here.

How much does Collins French English cost?

Collins French English App is available at the cost of $17.99. 

Final thoughts

Collins French English app is a must-have reference tool for any student or language professional. The functioning of the Collins French English app does not require an internet connection. To view the app display in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or German, you can adjust your device's settings.

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