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Coders is the app that lets you create and discover computer programming on your iPad. One of our writers and Maths Teachers in our work for Tablets for Schools, highly recommended this app for its ease of use and ability to develop critical thinking and logic skills. Coders is similar to the BASIC programme that was built in the eighties and the main aim is appreciate coding languages, develop logical thinking skills and use basic maths to tell the computer (or iPad in this case) to complete sets of tasks. 

The app works for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or professional, the app is easy to understand and you make what you want of it. 

Features in Coders:
- Tutorial on how to get started
- Lua programming language
- You can write code that draws on screen: points, lines, change colors.
- Work with text, take input from user, write things out, react on touch

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Michal Bencur

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