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CodeBox is a snippet management tool that allows you to quickly access, add and make modifications to your snippets with ease. 

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Developer Description

Computer Programming has now become a part of academic course for almost all branches of engineering and science studies all over the world.

Keeping that in mind, we have developed Codebox - a reference to common computer programming problems asked in interviews and examinations. Install it and help comes handy in your preparation for tests, interviews and wherever you require... just one touch away. Programs in sections of string processing, integer manipulation, data structures etc are included.

Codebox Features

* Two most popular programming languages - C and Java.
* Programs are presented in a neat layout with highlighting to make reading easier.
* Distraction free full-screen mode that's easy on eyes.
* Searchable programs
* Program categories for quick access
* Short summary of each problem
* Sample input and output of the programs to help you understand the behaviour.
* The programs can be shared.

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