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Code Kingdom: Treasure

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 5+

About Code Kingdom: Treasure

In Code Kingdom, children go on adventures with fun characters that help them develop a strong interest for programming and will allow them to become a Junior Programmer. In this game, children can experience the concepts of spatial imagination and logical operations, as well as algorithmic thinking skills. Our belief is that “to grow, one must keep moving forward”. For children, this concept should apply to both the game and their real life.
Programming is a kind of art. It is an imaginative experience. In this programming game, children will discover a new approach to creativity and self-expression.
Gaming is learning. Code Kingdom has the following characteristics to help 6 to 11 year-old children learn programming:

A captivating treasure hunt story. New levels unlock according to how much you’ve learned.
Challenging game scenarios. Children can use programming knowledge to solve puzzles.
A well-designed game and interactive experience for children. It allows them to quickly understand how to play, and enjoy at the same time!

Game-oriented courses that have a rich content provide:
5 adventure-themed maps, where interesting stories unfold.
Hundreds of challenging levels, in which players collect interesting items,
A Step-by-step curriculum that covers basic programming concepts and skills.
Comprehensive exercises train Childrens’:
Logical thinking ability
Spatial imagination ability
Ability to analyze and solve problems

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iPad, iPhone





Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning


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