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From the Developer

Code Blast is an educational app designed to give younger children an introduction to programming concepts and problem solving.

Their mission is simple! Program the rocket by dragging and dropping instructions to blast them to the finish and complete the course whilst avoiding the UFOs and electric barriers!

Children will gain early experience of the following programming concepts and skills in a fun and engaging way:

  • The need for precise and accurate programming.
  • The importance of correctly ordered sequential instructions.
  • Forward planning to solve a given problem.
  • Testing their program.
  • Removing any ‘bugs’ to make their program work as expected.


  • 36 missions, gradually increasing in difficulty with extra obstacles and challenges!
  • 2 modes - ‘Level Mode’ - Missions are gradually unlocked to ensure a secure understanding.
  • ‘Custom Mode’ - Practise any mission at any time.
  • Save multiple games - Perfect for home and school!
  • Stars awarded for completing missions without ‘bugs’ to motivate children to persevere and revisit.
  • Certificates awarded upon completing levels which can be saved to the camera roll for printing or emailing!
  • Animated demos.
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