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Code Adventures Review

Code Adventures is a coding application for kids that focuses on child-friendly computer coding puzzles. This beautifully designed app features: challenging puzzles whilst learning how to program, fascinating visuals, humorous sounds and lovable characters as well as 32 well-crafted levels. Code Adventures is available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Code Adventures Features

  • Home screen with language options, contact information, sound controls, and progress tracking.
  • 30 levels of puzzles teaching basic coding concepts with character Aurora.
  • Interactive 'play screen' with graphics, function menus, and a command box.
  • 'Grid overlay' for assistance, easy edit/erase features, and hints for problem-solving.
  • Level Mapping screen with scoring system and personalized completion certificate.

Screenshots of Code Adventures

Code Adventures Screenshot - 1
Code Adventures Screenshot - 2
Code Adventures Screenshot - 3
Code Adventures Screenshot - 4
Code Adventures Screenshot - 5

Code Adventures Pricing

Code Adventures costs $2.99 in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Is it good for learning?

Code Adventures provides a seamless learning experience, making coding a fun and engaging activity. It nurtures logical thinking, problem-solving, and sequencing skills. The app simplifies complex coding concepts such as loops, conditionals, and functions, making them accessible to younger children. Even those who may never program a real computer can benefit from the educational value of the app.

The Pros of using Code Adventures

  • Engaging and child-friendly interface and graphics.
  • Encourages logical thinking and sequencing without time pressure.
  • Introduces complex coding concepts in an accessible manner.
  • Personalized progress tracking and certificate system.
  • Appropriate for educational settings, fostering learning and engagement.

The Cons of using Code Adventures

  • Some levels may be too challenging without additional hints or skip options.
  • Small icons, making it less user-friendly on smaller mobile devices.
  • Lacks a leaderboard feature to encourage competitive learning.
  • Limited to 30 levels, which may restrict extended learning.
  • No mention of regular content updates or expansions.

Code Adventures App Overview

Upon opening the application, users are greeted with the developer's splash logo, followed by a visually appealing 'home screen.' This screen includes options for different languages, an app information button for contacting the developers (with parental lock), a sound mute button, and a rewards or trophy button for tracking progress.

Game Objectives

The objective of the app is to guide Aurora, a cute purple fuzz ball, home by completing 30 levels of puzzles. The game progressively covers various coding concepts, including basics, functions, conditionals, and loops. Children learn to order commands correctly, practice sequencing, and understand the need to repeat commands for precise character movement.

Gameplay and Features

When entering a level, the 'play screen' is displayed with appealing graphics. Users can place functions from the bottom of the screen into a command box to guide Aurora to the colored home portal. The 'play button' allows users to view the sequence repeatedly without time limits. The app encourages experimentation and offers an optional 'grid overlay' for assistance in tracking steps and distances. Editing and erasing coding commands are straightforward. The app provides hints via a 'question mark' button to assist children who may get stuck on puzzles.

Difficulty and Progress Tracking

The app introduces new commands and increases complexity every few levels. Each level features a scoring star system that rewards users based on their performance. Progress can be viewed in the 'Level Mapping' screen. A 'certificate icon' at the bottom of this screen shows a child's progress with the option to create a personalized certificate by completing at least 65% of the game.

Code Adventures is featured in: Coding Apps for Kids

More Information

Gameplay Gamified

Suitable for ages - Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)
Secondary School Apps (11-14 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Computer Science
Crossword Puzzle

Great for - Critical Thinking
Communication Skills
Engagement and Usability
Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning
Tech Skills

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Downloads: 654

You can download Code Adventures on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Code Adventures app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Final Verdict: Code Adventures Review

Code Adventures is by far one of the best visual coding applications for children and comes highly recommended by the 

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Does the app provide a secure and safe experience for its intended usersCode Adventures is safe to use

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