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About CodaKid

CodaKid is a kids coding platform that teaches kids how to use real programming languages and professional tools while creating games, coding apps, programming drones, building websites, and more.

Teacher Review

CodaKid courses are incredibly fun and engaging. Our award winning kids coding school has tens of thousands of kids how to build mods for Minecraft, design games, and build apps.

CodaKid uses real programming tools that the pros use. Other online kids coding courses use drag and drop technology or simple closed platforms. We provide insanely awesome support! Our teachers love helping kids and will help you solve problems through email or even screenshare. CodaKid monthly and annual subscriptions purchased directly from CodaKid include unlimited access to hundreds of hours of student projects!

CodaKid teaches JavaScript, Java, Lua, and the Unreal Blueprints scripting language - with more on the way soon! With CodaKid, student gain experience writing real code using the same tools that the pros use. We have a unique way of making our courses accessible to absolute beginner as young as age 7. We hope you'll give them a try!

Our coding courses teach booleans, conditionals, loops, variables, methods, arrays, switch statements, functions, and more. CodaKid classes also help boost students’ proficiency in mathematics, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Our online courses are self-paced and can be taken anytime – on your schedule. Students will watch HD video lessons, pause the videos, code, design, and then test their work. Our friendly instructional team is there every step of the way with awesome, award-winning support! Just use our handy chat button inside the learning platform or email the support team.

Each course can take anywhere between 30 and 60 hours to complete, depending upon the course and the child's speed.

CodaKid’s online coding courses focus around internationally popular games, such as Minecraft and Roblox, and they also teach kids how to create games using professional game engines such as Unreal 4 (the tool used to make Fortnite).

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Learn how to make your own game in one day!!!
Most powerful Coding App on iPad.

You can really make real games in no minutes.

Example game includes
- 1to50 puzzle game,
- Meteor classic arcade game
- Bricks - Arkanoid clone
- Simon game
- Room Escape
- and more

You can also make Interactive e-book by using features like
- Text To Speech (Many languages)
- Voice Recognition (Many languages)
- Translation (Many languages)

You can also make MIDI app by using built-in MIDI sound supports.

We also supports math coordinates and functions to help kids to experiment math by coding.

We learn actual coding class for KIDS in South Korea for more than 3 years.

We always upgrade and upgrade from real class kids' reactions.

We may not be perfect, but we are trying everyday to improve this app to help your learn how to code games and apps.

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