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About Coco - Educational Games

Coco - Educational Games is a mini-game app full of activities covering numeracy and language alongside various other topics. A unique feature of this app is that every 15 minutes, it gets players to be active and do something away from the screen.

The age range for users of this app is five to ten. The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices. After a free trial, a subscription maintains access to Coco - Educational Games.

Coco - Educational Games Review

What is Coco - Educational Games app?

Children play and learn with the games and activities in Coco - Educational Games. With more than thirty of them covering thinking and physical skills, there is a lot of value to be had from this app.

Coco - Educational Games is one of the best educational games for kids and an easy to use educational games program, featuring multiple brain trainer activities such as children’s puzzle, children’s math games featuring mental math and memory games for children.

Coco - Educational Games will be particularly attractive to parents who feel that their kids spend too long staring at screens—even if it is for learning. The app locks and encourages kids to do something where they move about every fifteen minutes.

Regular movement is a good idea for all who use screens for work and learning.

Starting to embed this as a habit at a young age can only be good. The app includes directed physical activities that are timed and provide ongoing instructions.

What we love about Coco - Educational Games.

What seems like small features and settings can greatly affect an app's usefulness and accessibility. Coco - Educational Games has pre-empted many of the little 'I-wish-it-allowed-this' features often overlooked by educational app designers.

  • Adults can hide physical activities that might be difficult for users to play due to their surroundings or personal capabilities.
  • Instructions are provided in text and spoken form.
  • Games have three levels of difficulty so that kids of different ages and abilities feel like they are playing the same game and are not excluded.
  • The app is mostly independent of the internet. It only needs a connection for the initial download and future updates.

The games are very playable and intuitive to use or provide clear guidance. There is a good mix between the games of skill and those focusing on school subjects that will keep kids occupied and learning.

Adults can check that their subscription provides value by checking the statistics for each user of the app. It shows which games were played, when they were played, on what level, and the score achieved.

What skills does it improve?

The activities and games in Coco - Educational Games app covers topics related to numeracy, language, and logic. In addition, it has activities to exercise memory, reactions and focus.

What age is it appropriate for?

The learning games and activities provided by Coco - Educational Games are suitable for kids aged between 5 and 10.

Is Coco - Educational Games easy to use?

Coco - Educational Games gives written guidance to the physical activities it gets kids to play every fifteen minutes. You might at first think that some of the instructions will be difficult for young kids to follow, but Coco - Educational Games has ensured that literacy skills needn't stand in the way. Each time the app needs to explain something to the user, there is an icon to activate clear spoken instructions.

The rest of the app is easy for kids to navigate their way around. Relevant images illustrate the icons so that kids know where to find their favourite games.

How will students benefit?

There is a lot of variety in Coco - Educational Games. Browsing through the app will be fun and educational for kids as they play reaction and memory games and encounter activities that reinforce what they have learned with parents and teachers.

Apps with simultaneous two-player modes are rare, so playing some of the games this way will be a novelty for kids.

How will teachers benefit?

The games do not pressure the player, which gives kids time to think and makes them usable by teachers. Shared with a small group on a tablet or a large screen with a whole class, teachers can use Coco - Educational Games for classroom fun and explaining topics.

How will parents benefit?

Coco - Educational Games is especially good value for parents with more than one child in the target age range. Each subscription allows for three user profiles so multiple children can use the app and track their statistics.

If kids share the same tablet, they can use it simultaneously as some fun split-screen games are available in the app. These motivate kids with competition and provide an excellent way to pass the time when travelling.

As with teachers, the zero-pressure environment of the games makes them easily sharable between parents and their children. If you want an app that gives you and your child a focus as you help them to learn, Coco - Educational Games gives you a fun platform to do this.

What can Coco - Educational Games improve on?

The feature to hide physical activities that might be inappropriate could be very useful, but you might not know it is there. You access it by holding down a game icon in the Coco Moves mode of the app, similar to how you delete apps on iOS devices.

You wouldn't think to do this, though, unless you knew the feature was there. The only place where it is mentioned is in the app's FAQ section on the supporting website. A parental hints section in the app might better communicate such features and any other helpful advice.

A few typos and missed words are scattered through the app's instructions. Although they don't harm the app's content, thorough proofreading would add an extra layer of polish to the app.

How much does Coco - Educational Games cost?

The download of Coco - Educational Games is free, and it comes with seven days of full access to the activities and games.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

After the trial is over, you have a choice of taking out a subscription. There are many options for subscribing to Coco - Educational Games depending upon whether you are a parent or subscribing on behalf of a school or other institution. You have three subscription choices with Coco - Educational Games: monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Is Coco - Educational Games safe to use?

A math-based parent lock protects the following settings and processes: subscribing, changing user profiles and adding user profiles. The calculation required is pretty simple, so while kids at the younger end of the age range will probably be frustrated by it, ten-year-olds won't.

There are no advertisements or 3rd-party links in the app, and all of the content is suitable for young kids.

Overall rating of the app.

As many mini-game learning and brain-training apps are available, parents have a difficult decision to choose the right app. Coco - Educational Games ticks all of the boxes—clear, high-quality games that make children think, variety in style and interactions, and a distinguishing feature in the form of encouraging physical activity.

Combined with this review of Coco - Educational Games, the seven-day free trial should tell you all you need to know about this app. Play it alongside your kids, let them carry on independently, and see how they like it. Its subscription compares favourably with other apps of a similar type, so you might be seeing your kids engrossed in Coco's world for a while to come.



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