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About Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin app teaches kids on how to behave and communicate effectively and respectfully in a safe online community.

Disney’s Club Penguin app is as family friendly as you would expect a Disney app to be –providing a virtual realm where kids visit different ‘islands’, filled with games and chat rooms to interact with their friends.  Club Penguin encourages players to give the online "coins" they earn in games to charity, and teaches about good citizenship. Earning and saving coins can encourage kids to practice saving and planning toward a goal, and adopting cute colors and types of puffles also is a lightly educational exercise in collecting and categorizing. 

Club Penguin Island Review

Club Penguin Island is a subscription-based app that provides fans with engaging and immersive gameplay, and opportunities for self-expression, staying true to the core gameplay pillars found in Club Penguin. Players can join a thriving community, embark on island quests, earn special rewards, and take on daily challenges to level up their penguins.

Games require critical thinking skills, such as anticipating what other players will do. Some even help kids acquire basic math computation skills, as well as provide practice in identifying patterns and cracking codes. A potent mix of fun and Internet safety makes this one of the "stickiest" virtual worlds for youngsters. The app doesn't feature all the same content as the Club Penguin website, but it still can help kids learn about playing safely and responsibly in an online community.

The app features parental controls that include time limits for usage and a ‘safe chat’ mode, where children select from preformatted messages rather than freely typing. Parents can also report inappropriate language used if the free chat option is used instead. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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