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  • Clinical Reprint  EducatorClinical Reprint  EducatorClinical Reprint  EducatorClinical Reprint  Educator


The Clinical Reprint Educator application was designed as a study guide for how to effectively review and critically appraise clinical reprints/medical literature relating to clinical research and product usage. Clinicians who practice evidence-based medicine rely on the clinical literature in peer-reviewed journals to learn about new developments in their fields(s) and apply the results to provide optimum management for their patients. Understanding and evaluating the information presented in clinical reprints is critical to health care professionals in all health care environments, medical academia, and the biopharmaceutical industry. The Clinical Reprint Educator app efficiently and elegantly allows users to explore the standard structure of a clinical reprint; and in doing so will learn to identify the purpose of each section, evaluate the evidence for its validity and clinical usefulness, and garner “pearls of wisdom” important to effectively apply the information.

Medical Students, Interns, Residents
Nursing Students, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners
Pharmacy Students, Interns, Residents, Pharmacists
Medical Science Liaisons, Health Outcomes Liaisons
Biopharmaceutical Sales Representatives, Specialty Sales Professionals, Therapeutic Specialists
Clinical Research Professionals
Clinicians seeking to refresh their knowledge

Contents provides a list of topics for convenient navigation by tapping on the section you wish to view
Pearls of Wisdom offers insights to information that is key to clinicians who practice evidence-based medicine
Glossary includes definitions for term used often in the medical literature
Sources provides an alphabetical list of references used in the development of the app
Biostatistics presents an overview of common terms used in biostatistics and how they are applied in producing statistical data
Index provides a site map for the app content
Help presents a brief summary of the function of each element on the toolbar

Easy-to-use intuitive user interface
Toolbar icons for access to Help, Contents, Glossary, Sources, and Pearls of Wisdom
Pinch-to-zoom for enlarged viewing
Portrait and landscape view options
Option to turn off Help display as first screen after the initial startup

About ScientiaSeries
ScientiaSeries is a collaborative effort between PLEXUS Learning Designs, Inc., DigitalPatterns, Inc., and Schmalbach, LLC. The ScientiaSeries will include mobile and tablet medical apps designed for a wide range of audiences across the entire life sciences spectrum.

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