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Being aware of climate change actions is easy with #climate. This iPhone app gathers the biggest climate changing actions from a carefully put together list of organizations, allowing you to view actions that have had the most impact. From anti-fracking campaigns to saving the rainforests, there are many environmental campaigns for you to learn about or even become involved with. While educating yourself, you will also be spreading the word to others when you share your favorites via Twitter and Facebook. Creating larger movements will create bigger and better results for the planet.

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Share #climate actions with your Twitter and Facebook followers to create a climate change movement!

#climate gathers all the most impactful climate change actions from a curated list of organizations to make it easy for you to find the best actions and tell the world. We also give you the stats to gauge your own personal impact.


“#climate has been an incredible tool for Rainforest Trust, helping connect us to new audiences through the support of major climate influencers. Our first Action was promoted by Guns N' Roses and reached millions on Facebook and Twitter. By harnessing the power of social media in new, innovative ways, #climate has the potential to play an important role in effectively addressing climate change.” - Joe Lowe, Rainforest Trust

“#climate helped us take our anti-fracking campaign to a new level by getting the word out to hundreds of thousands of new people. Connecting environmental campaigns to cultural leaders, to the people that follow them is a brilliant idea.” - Clayton Norman, Center for Biological Diversity

“#climate has amazing potential to elevate the work organizations are doing to build the climate movement and create real change to address global warming. In just the first few weeks of using the tool, Sierra Club has already gotten results driving action with new audiences on some of our most critical issues.” - Marie Bergen, Sierra Club

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