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Clicker Books is a fantastic app that allows students to create their own books. It is an app that is suitable for primary school pupils of all ages. We also think that it could be used for e arly secondary school pupils if used even more ambitiously and creatively. Clicker Books is a high quality app and it receives the top rating of 5 Stars and the EAS Recommended Status. 

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Crick Software has a series of learning tools in the UK that are used very extensively. So far, 90% of Primary Schools in the UK use their software on their PCs. The company has been around for over 20 years, a fact which is evident in the quality of their apps.  At the EAS we had the opportunity to review the Clicker Sentences and also Clicker Docs app - both of which received the top rating of 5 Stars EAS Recommended Status. So, we had very high expectations for this app too.

Clicker Books did not disappoint. This is an app that teachers will love  to teach with and pupils will love learning from.  It can also be used in the home with the help of parents.  Right from the start, the app is very easy and intuitive to use as there are a series of examples and “how to” tools that help with a quick learning of the navigation and usage of the app.

Each page contains the possibility to edit the title box, insert or draw a picture and create further text.  There is also another button so that users can record their own sounds or narration for the book creations.  Every single time that the user writes a sentence, the device reads the content out loud so that users can review their content. We decided to test what might happen when a mischievous child has the “fantastic idea” to write a few swear words and we are afraid to say that the device accepted them and would say them out loud too.  If the software is smart enough to recognise incorrect spellings and words, it might be a good idea to insert this child-safety feature too.

Despite this hiccup in “liberal” acceptance of words, the app still has the ability to teach and make users critically assess their own work. For other incorrect spellings, there is a Word Predictor and Word Bank that teachers can add to so that children  can continue to learn and correct their spellings by themselves. Additionally, the app allows access to a vast resource of topic-specific reading books and book-making templates which meet national curriculum standards.

This is an incredibly useful tool for usage in the classroom.  Firstly, the level of the users can be from early reading and writing learners to early secondary school years where more complex writing projects and critical thinking skills are assessed.

For younger children, the app can support whole-class reading exercises so that teachers can highlight specific words. Furthermore, teachers can create personalised reading tools for learners. It would make a fantastic tool for long-term projects such as writing diary entries or creating projects on the Tudors and Stuarts and Literature projects.  The scope is immense and this app can support as much creativity as you like.

A great feature is that after the books are finished they can be converted into PDF format and shared via email, Dropbox or printed via an AirPrint-compatible printer.  This allows children to send work to their teachers and then discuss the projects in the classroom or, to send their projects to their grandparents once completed! 

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Develop literacy skills and build confidence with Clicker Books – the book making app that includes extensive support for pupils of all abilities.

Continuously developed by Crick Software for over 20 years, the Clicker product range is used in schools around the world.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the Clicker support in Clicker Books! I LOVE how the editing functions are so intuitive and self-explanatory and how easy it is to export and share."

- Erin Sheldon, parent and AT Consultant


Pupils use the child-friendly tools to add pictures, text and sound to create fantastic looking books. As you’d expect with a Crick Software app, customisable reading and writing support is included to help children of all abilities achieve success.


As well as being a wonderful app for helping children to create books, you will want to make books for your pupils to read, tailoring the content to their learning needs. In addition, you can create pre-prepared books for pupils to complete - these may contain word or picture banks to support children as they create their books.


As they write, children benefit from acclaimed Clicker support features including:

Speech Support – enables pupils to review what they have written and think carefully about what they are about to write. Clicker’s “SoundShift” button enables pupils to listen to any word on the page, or in the word predictor or spell checker.

Word Predictor - suggests words that fit the context of pupils’ writing, encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary and helping them to create flowing, grammatically-correct text with accurate spelling.

Word Banks– provide customised vocabulary support for any topic.

Child-Friendly Keyboard & Font - a choice of two lower-case keyboards, and the Sassoon font as standard.


Add pictures from your iPad, take photos with the camera, or use the integrated painting tools - you can even paint on top of images. For additional support, create picture banks to help pupils quickly find topic-related pictures.


Tap the speech button to listen to the text on the page. Or record your own speech – a fantastic way to fully personalise a book, and a great alternative to writing for children with special needs.


Child-friendly doesn’t mean fixed layouts! Use a simple tiled layout or customise your page as much as you want. When you’re ready, share your books as a PDF via email or Dropbox, or print to any Airprint-compatible printer. Watch your pupils’ confidence grow as they see what they have achieved!


Based in the UK and US, Crick Software has a worldwide reputation for quality educational software for pupils of all abilities. To find more Clicker Apps, search for Cricksoft in the App Store.

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