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Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From?

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About Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From?

A very thorough introduction to a difficult topic.            

Teacher Review

Starting to discuss the question “where do babies come from?” is often a big milestone for children, and this app provides a structure for starting to deal with the question. The app presents a large amount of information on the topic in the form of an interactive animated e-book - with plenty of opportunities to explore the topic from different angles, including relevant biological details and some discussion of the emotional impact.  The story is presented from the point of view of a child called Clementine, who is expecting a new sibling and has lots of questions.

In terms of delivery, this app is extremely polished, with some very well-designed graphics and animation.  The sound effects and narration are also very clear and professional. Interactive elements are easy to navigate and the flow through the story and different activities is simply structured and well-paced. The interactive parts of the story relate well to the learning objectives at any given point throughout.  Once the story has been completed, users can start again from the beginning or explore a small section of extra material, which covers additional topics such as surrogacy and adoption.

Despite all the very strong points mentioned above, I would suggest that this app is used with a degree of caution. The developers bill this as an app for 5 to 12 year olds, but I find it unlikely that there are many children towards the lower end of this age range who would be mature enough to cope with the level of detail and thoroughness of content within the app - especially the detailed anatomical vocabulary and illustrations. Whilst it is to the app’s credit that it deals with the whole topic in an entirely honest and accurate way, I think that this delivery may not be sensitive enough to meet the needs of all children, particularly within the 5-8 age range.

I would anticipate that the app would be very difficult to use within a class setting, due to the fact that it would be very hard to anticipate the reaction of a large group of children, and also because teachers on the whole will not have an in-depth enough knowledge of their students to know whether the app is aimed appropriately for each child. However, I can see this app being very useful within homes, where parents are looking for help discussing topics that are hard to broach honestly and accurately, whilst at the same time being sensitive to a child’s emotions.

I would recommend that any parent wishing to use this app first of all works through the entire story on their own, just to be sure that the content is suitable for their own individual child at their current stage, and that they work through the app with a child rather than leaving them to use this on their own. Within this context, the app is brilliantly designed and very useful.

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  • Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From?Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From?Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From?Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From?Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From?


Mom, Dad, Where do babies come from?
Answer this and other important questions with this first interactive sexual education app for children that want to know how things really work? Beautiful illustrations, fun characters, and playful animation make this an engaging learning tool.

6-year-old Clementine has an outsized curiosity about the world around her. As she wrestles with the idea of having a new little brother, she shares her concerns about no longer being an only child, and wonders where is this baby coming from.

Clementine’s journey leads her through different milestones in the creation of life, from identifying love around her, through understanding the differences between men and women, to pregnancy and birth.

Wherever she goes, her talking camera, Zoom-Zoom, accompanies Clementine as a teacher and friend. By using Zoom-Zoom’s “super features” - Zoom, Speed, Flash, and Wonder Vision™ - children can experience special environments, interact with elements, and learn about them in a fun and engaging way.

At the end of her journey, Clementine accepts the wonderful new addition to her family and shows newfound responsibility as she helps take care of the newborn... with the reader’s help, of course.


  • What are the differences between a man and a woman?
  • What is sex?
  • Where do the sperm and the egg meet?
  • How did the baby get into its mom?
  • What does the baby look like and what is it doing?
  • Where will the baby come out from?
  • After the baby is born, will mom and dad still love me just as much?
  • How can 2 dads or 2 moms have a baby?


  • Original illustrations by award-winning illustrator John Skewes
  • Engaging narrative and characters children can relate to
  • Playful animation and sounds
  • Fun activities and interactions
  • Kid-friendly interface allows guided or independent exploration
  • Kids enjoy collecting 5 unique badges for their achievements
  • Play both on your iPad and iPhone

Young children are like little engineers. They want to know, “Exactly how does it work?”
The app has just the right mixture of storytelling and scientific facts to provide fun answers to “How did the baby get in there?” and “How will it get out?” It provides factual information for adults and for children. It opens the door to truth-telling and answering questions that will encourage lifelong discussions in families.

Educated children feel more confident, are more willing to talk and ask questions in a more mature manner. They are also much better protected from sexual abuse and exploitation.
Some parents believe that innocence protects childhood. In fact, factual, honest education protects it while abuse destroys it. Children who know the facts are much more likely to speak to their parents and disclose problems if they happen.

The app also dedicates a special chapter to various types of families as Clementine introduces some of her friends who joined their parents through adoption, donor insemination or surrogacy. This helps children better understand and accept diverse families and relationships in our society.

“I like the humour, the honesty and the portrayal of sexual activity as normal. As someone who has taught sexual health to audiences ranging from preschoolers to grandparents for close to 40 years, I am sure that you and your child will enjoy Where Do Babies Come From? as a starter learning tool.”
Meg Hickling, C.M.,O.B.C., Ll.D.

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