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Classical Contraption

About Classical Contraption

The Classical Contraption helps you learn classic poetry in a fun and engaging way.

Each line of the poem is presented in the contraption one line at a time. The words are randomly scrambled differently each time. Simply select the words in the correct order.

Enjoy 100 year old poetry on a modern device styled to look like an old victorian steampunk contraption!

Selected poems are from a variety of compilations that will appeal to both young and old!

Educational Benefits:
Descrambling the poems forces you to really think about the words and the word order that the author used providing you with a deeper appreciation and understanding of each poem.

Mechanical steampunk styling for a unique and engaging experience.
72 Poems
Over 30 different Authors
Review Screen allows you to read the poem before trying it out.
Poem lines are randomly scrambled each time keeping the game play fresh.
Volume control allows for subtle or no effects allowing you to enjoy your own music while playing.

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Cognitive Development
Communication Skills


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Matthew Bennett

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