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About Classic Sudoku by Logic Wiz

Classic Sudoku makes a wide variety of difficulty-graded sudoku puzzles available on your mobile device and makes entering answers effortless. It has many options to tailor the support you receive from the app, from no help to hints and error-checking.

Classic Sudoku is available on Android and iOS devices as a free app supported by ads. There is a single low-cost in-app purchase to remove the ads so that kids can play the app or adults can enjoy it with fewer distractions.

Classic Sudoku by Logic Wiz Review

What is Classic Sudoku app?

Classic Sudoku is an elegantly made sudoku app that does not detract from the essence of sudoku puzzles with the transition to a screen, and there are plenty of options to customise the player experience. It has an intuitive interface that reflects how users might work with a pen and paper but with the clarity of digital input.

Classic Sudoku is a straightforward app to try out. It is free, with all its puzzles and features available in an ad-supported version. Once you're confident of its quality, a single payment removes distractions and lets you become absorbed in the sudoku on Android or iOS devices.

What we love about Classic Sudoku app.

Classic Sudoku hits the sweet spot between the calm minimalism of a paper-based puzzle and an app's convenience and supportive possibilities.

Classic Sudoku's options reflect a developer who understands the process of learning, solving, and enjoying sudoku puzzles. Purists might want minimal assistance, but there is no reason to put off beginners when some optional support can help them.

As well as the difficulty levels of each puzzle, users can further fine-tune their experience. Classic Sudoku has different options for auto-checking.

The default option is to let you know if you make a mistake. Experts will probably want to turn this off as part of the challenge of sudoku is knowing that making a mistake can be extremely difficult to recover from if the solver doesn't quickly notice it.

There are some intermediate options too, where the app only notifies you of a mistake after a delay or only on a rule violation. Showing the digits remaining can also assist new players and is a togglable option.

We appreciate the app working with the player. This is especially important for young sudoku solvers, but we also think there is no reason to deprive any user of choice over the level of challenge they want. Anyone using Classic Sudoku can get what they want from their app.

What skills does it teach?

With its smart hints feature, Classic Sudoku does more than many sudoku apps to help its player improve their puzzle-solving skills. 

Despite using numbers, sudoku are not math puzzles, so the app is not directly applicable to math learning. However, playing Classic Sudoku will help kids grow in confidence as they see that perseverance will help them complete challenges they thought impossible.

What age is it appropriate for?

Classic Sudoku is an excellent app to consider if kids have shown an interest in sudoku puzzles they have seen elsewhere or for you to introduce them to the puzzles.

The starting age for playing sudoku depends more on kids' interests and confidence than their age. As the free version of Classic Sudoku shows ads, it is not suitable for kids under the age of 13; however, this is entirely due to the presence of advertising. Younger kids could use the app if you pay to remove the ads.

As Classic Sudoku divides its puzzles into five skill levels ranging from beginner to expert, it has a lot of range for solvers to evolve their skills.

Is Classic Sudoku app easy to use?

Users of Classic Sudoku can concentrate on the difficulty of their current puzzle rather than using the app. Entering numbers into the app is easy, and it aids in making the notes users typically use to record squares where they have narrowed down the options.

As sudoku are tough to backtrack within if you realise you have made an earlier mistake, apps have the advantage over paper-based puzzles by allowing an undo feature. Classic Sudoku lets users make an unlimited number of undos to get back to a former position.

We liked the option to use large-digit buttons to make the app more accessible to users.

How will students benefit?

General problem-solving activities and attempting puzzles have many benefits for kids.

Kids who struggle in math don't often get to enjoy the feeling of success, but puzzles let them experience the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge. Sudoku is perfect for this because, while it is not a math problem, its use of numbers can help kids overcome their math anxiety.

Many kids are too quick to give up. They say they don't get it or declare a problem impossible when really they have reached a point where they expected to have answered it but have not. Puzzles like sudoku let these kids see the value of perseverance.

Once they learn how the puzzles work, they can't claim they don't understand, and the existence of a solution will reassure them that the puzzle is not impossible. Solving puzzles will give them confidence.

Apps like Classic Sudoku, amplify these benefits as kids can gain extra support and quickly pick up a puzzle to pass the time.

How will parents benefit?

Sudoku can be calming and satisfying for anyone, so parents might enjoy using this app too. The puzzles, without time limits, can also be something parents can share with their kids as they learn to solve the puzzles.

How will teachers benefit?

App-based sudoku puzzles are useful in the classroom. The puzzle rules are simple enough for kids to grasp and remember, making sudoku an activity ready to go at a moment's notice if teachers need to find a quick activity.

Sudoku, especially in a visually clean app like Classic Sudoku, are also calming, making them a good transition exercise between a lively outdoors activity and indoor lessons.

What can Classic Sudoku app improve on?

For teachers, an improvement would be a more straightforward method to print the puzzles and the permission to do so for classroom use. With this, teachers could base puzzle-solving lessons around a Classic Sudoku app puzzle. 

The kids could attempt the puzzles on paper and then, as a class, work through the solution on a class display.

This is not a criticism of Classic Sudoku app. As a general audience app, such a feature isn't to be expected, but as an educational app site, we look for how teachers could use it in the classroom.

How much does Classic Sudoku app cost?

Classic Sudoku is a permanently free app funded by advertisements. A single in-app purchase removes the advertisements. We recommend using the free app to assess how well it suits your kids and then remove the ads to avoid distractions.

Is Classic Sudoku app safe to use?

We did not encounter any inappropriate content during this review of Classic Sudoku. However, the app shows third-party ads served by a network unless you buy the in-app purchase to remove them. Such ads are not entirely within the developer's control and are likely to involve user tracking, so we recommend that you pay to remove them if kids use the app.

Overall rating of the app.

We've found Classic Sudoku to be a great app to have on a mobile device to provide focused mental stimulation. It provides a sudoku-solving environment that feels very natural and enjoyable. Try out the free version of the app for yourself and if you think your kids will like it, treat them to the ad-free option.   Classic Sudoku is a five-star app.

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