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Best Class Timetable Apps

Best Class Timetable Apps

Timetable apps give students, teachers, parents, and administrators a clear picture of what's happening in the classroom at any given time. Students can make use of the apps that are available to set up their own timetable and manage time in the most appropriate way. The aim of this post is to discuss the best student timetable apps for iOS and Android devices.

A collection of timetable apps to use as teaching and organisational aids in your classroom. Use one of the many playful, generic timetable app available to help plan and organise your weekly tasks.

Class Timetable

1. Class Timetable

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Class Timetable app is one of the best companions for school, college and university students. It helps you not only to keep track of your classes but also allows you to add events to your weekly schedule. It is very easy to use the app. Use this weekly timetable app in your classroom to keep track of specialist lessons or upcoming events for the week. This teacher resource can also be used to keep track of daily classroom routines. Students/teachers can access their timetables from any device.

My Study Life

2. My Study Life

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

My Study Life, a cross-platform timetable app for students, lecturers, and teachers, is designed for making your student life more organised and manageable. Timetables are safe, backuped every 24 hours. It enables you to store lessons, homework, and exams. As you can store the information in the cloud, it is easy for you to retrieve on any device irrespective of where you are. You can write notes for each group for mini instructions such as when work needs to be handed in, reference activities and page numbers. This app will assist in maximizing school resources such as classroom availability, teacher availability, and materials availability.


3. Timetable

(iPhone, iPad, Android)

Timetable is one of the most downloaded class timetable app as it enables you to easily create and save schedules, and sync them across many devices. The intuitive app helps you to manage your school/university life in an organised manner. You can record homework and exam schedules. You can personalize timetables with 10+ skins available.

Timetable Class Schedule

4. Timetable Class Schedule

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Timetabler Class Schedule is an easy-to-use timetable app designed for small schools. You define the criteria on which your timetable will be based. Untis generates different timetables with a unique algorithm and then you choose the one which suits you best. The software allows multiple users to work on the same timetable together, each viewing other users' changes in real time. It can be installed on as many computers as you like. It is suitable for any kind of school with a recurring timetable of up to 14 days and 16 periods a day.


5. Timetable++

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

It is a popular timetable app to use in a diary, planner or on a wall in your classroom. With this app you can easily manage your school life with your phone or your tablet. You can create a timetable, homework, exams, grades and holidays easily. TimeTable++ comes with a number of timetable templates, widgets, and colours.

Today many school management systems offer a timetable app which helps educators create an efficient and effective timetable for schools. A notable benefit of using app to create your school timetable is that is user-friendly and can be used by anyone with minimal knowledge.

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