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Circuit Coder is a challenging game and simulator for building digital circuits. Given a set of inputs your task is to produce a certain output, by embedding logic gates, flip-flops and various other components. The game comes with 60 problems, everything from easy to really difficult. The game also allows free circuit simulation as well, so that you can build whatever you want and interact with it through buttons and LEDs.

In the beginning, you are given simple problems, such as creating a circuit that will determine if a number is divisible by 4. After a while, the problems will become more challenging and a time aspect will be introduced. With a time aspect, you can store memory inside the circuit using flip-flops. Are you ready to create a simple register or a bitshift operator?

There are many difficult topics introduced in this game and you might have to complement the in-game information with information you find online. This is not just a game. It is study tool for university-level topics.


  • 60 problems and sandbox levels for aimless fun.
  • A natural progression, that will gradually introduce new topics.
  • Sandbox levels, which feature interactive components, such as buttons and LEDs.
  • Universal for iPhone/iPad.
  • 32 different components, including logic gates (OR, AND, NOR, etc.), flip-flops (SR, T, D, JK, master-slave) and more.
  • Almost all components can be built from scratch.
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Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking


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