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About Circuit Calculator

Design and construct any electrical circuit with ease using the Circuit Calculator app. Once built the circuit can then be examined to display all current and voltages readings as well as the power of each component. Every individual circuit can be saved, to view or edit later, and shared between devices. Students studying A-level Physics or Electronics will find this is a handy companion to quickly check their understanding of current electricity for both AC and DC circuits.

Teacher Review

Once the app is opened the user is immediately presented with a blank white canvas where the circuit will be constructed. You can get stuck right in to making your circuit be tapping on the ‘+’ icon and up pops the list of components to select from. Putting together your circuit is effortless as the wires for each device snap nicely into place. Components will rotate by 90 degrees when doubled-tapped and within a few moments of playing about you’ll quickly have your first circuit schematic ready to be inspected.

As the name of the app suggests, the main outcome from having built a circuit is to calculate a range of different electrical quantities. The behaviour of the current throughout the circuit can be displayed along with the voltage and power of each component. Furthermore, the electrical current can be visualised for any DC circuit. For a complete circuit the charge can be seen moving at a relative speed depending on the resistance of each section.

A user-guide with tips on navigation is available when the app is initially launched, although much of these instructions will be mastered by attempting to make your own circuit. This app makes good use of familiar gestures for those experienced with iPads or iPhones. Zoom in and out by pinching the screen, swipe in any direction to view different parts of the circuit and tap and hold to copy a component. Most of the icons that are on display will be widely recognised as well, such as the dustbin delete, undo, redo and the share feature. There is further direction on what the app can do on the developer’s website. Video tutorials with voice-over give some additional instructions to get to grips with everything on offer.

The inclusion of the share feature boosts the appeal for educators as this will allow circuits to be easily distributed. Teachers can send out particular circuits for students to investigate and of course their students can also return their own circuits by sending these to the teacher. The circuit schematic can be shared and so can an accompanying detailed analysis of the circuit. This analysis provides a break down of each specific component by listing its location using junction nodes, the voltage at each node, the corresponding potential difference, the current and power dissipated by the component.

Students using this app will most likely be post-16 level and, although A-level students will get some use out of it, it is essentially aimed towards university electronic engineering students. The components offered are limited to resistors, capacitors and inductors, and school students may need extra tuition to understand the six possible power sources to choose from. The magnitude notation for quantity values will also be new to some students although it is not difficult to pick up their meanings. It may be worth the developers considering an update to make this app accessible to a wider range of academic levels. This could be done by including quantity values displayed in standard form and allowing the user to select what information to include in a detailed analysis of a circuit.

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Publisher's Description

Build an AC or DC electrical circuit by adding, dragging and rotating components and then snapping them together. The steady state response is calculated instantly at the tap of a button. DC current flows can be animated on screen.

Zoom and pan around with standard gestures to view the voltages and currents which are displayed on the schematic.

Circuit Calculator is an ideal companion for anyone studying electrical engineering and is great for quickly checking your answers when you've solved a circuit analysis problem by hand. Enter component parameters as real and imaginary or modulus and argument, just as you would be given in a typical homework problem. Please note that this app doesn't perform transient analysis.

Main Features:

・Create your circuit schematic on screen
・Solve and show the results on the schematic
・Calculate steady state currents, voltages and power
・Show animated dc current flows
・Calculate Thévenin/Norton equivalent circuit values
・Choose polar or rectangular notation for AC
・Share circuits via Messages or Mail apps
・Print out your circuit
・Copy circuit to clipboard
・Load / save circuits on your device or in iCloud
・Undo / redo actions
・Copy / paste components
・Built in user guide

Available Components:

・Independent ideal current sources
・Independent ideal voltage sources
・Current controlled current sources
・Current controlled voltage sources
・Voltage controlled current sources
・Voltage controlled voltage sources
・Mutually coupled inductors - AC only
・Impedances - AC only

Check out or the Circuit Calculator YouTube channel for more information.

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