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About Circle Parental Controls

Circle Parental Controls App is an award-winning application that gives parents the ability to control all aspects of family screen time using its unique monitoring system. This application monitors screen time, filters web content, pauses the internet, customises family screen time, blocks applications and so much more.

The Circle Parental Control application is a one-stop-shop for managing your entire families screen time interactions allowing children to manage their screen time effectively at the touch of a button.

This application is free from in-app adverts and has protected in-app purchases for subscription purposes. The application is available for Apple iOS and Google Play devices for both mobile and tablet formats. The app is supported by the website that includes video tutorials explaining the initial setup of the applications and their features.

Circle Parental Controls Review

The Circle Parental Controls App supports the Circle Home Plus device. We recommend that the user downloads the application using the appropriate device platform and watches the ‘Getting Started’ tutorial on the developer’s website.

Selecting the ‘Get started’ button requires the user to set up a parental account using an email and password. Once signed in there is an option to use the application to manage just mobile devices without the Circle Home Plus hardware and the option to manage all the devices and home wi-fi network from anywhere connected to the Circle Home Plus hardware installed at home.

For this review, we will be using the iOS application with a Circle Home Plus device installed. The Circle Home Plus can be verified by scanning the QR code using the applications camera and the QR code situated on the bottom of the device. The hardware device comes with a USB and ethernet cable. Connected to the main router via wi-fi or the ethernet cable. Once connected a username and profile picture can be added to a user profile. A filter level can then be added to the account for either kid, Teen, Adult or none.

The Kid Filter grants access to kid-safe experiences but filters out content not designed for children which may include social, explicit, mature and gambling content. Several features include Safe Search which eliminates sexually explicit content from search results, YouTube restriction, Apps restrictions for applications such as Amazon, Cartoon Network, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and so much more. Categories can also be blocked such as Chats and forums, Dating sites, Gambling content and more. It is noted that these settings are already in default mode for the Kids filter but can be turned on and off accordingly. The application also allows Custom sites to be added to the filter. Further user profiles can be added accordingly.

Time Limits can also be set for total online time or individual websites and applications. Bedtimes can also be set and customised for weekdays and weekends when the device is inactive. Once the profiles have been created and customised a device can be assigned to that profile. This can be done by downloading the application to the child’s device and select ‘Set up Kid app’. Follow the in-app instructions and scan the QR code using your parental device displayed on the child’s device. Circle’s VPN is installed when the instructions are followed resulting in a successful pairing and a kid’s dashboard display. Children can view their dashboard anytime and gain access to how they are spending time online, when their bedtime is, if they have an off time, time limits or if they have received any rewards. The parental application will display the devices that are being managed. Further devices can be added, removed and customised along with further features such as usage, rewards, location and filters. It is also noted that the Circle application can be locked using a 4-digit pin to protect user profile accounts and settings.

Further menus in the home dashboard include: Settings, Help, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Refer a friend for discount rewards.

Is the Circle Parental Controls App easy to use?

Circle Parental Controls App is a versatile application with menu systems and features that are very easy to navigate. The application has a clean look to the interface and the graphics are user friendly. At no point does the screen look cluttered. The application is supported with in-app instructions for both set-up and user profiles. The application is also supported by several online tutorials that can be accessed via the developer’s website.

How will parents benefit?

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is accessing safe online content as well as managing their screen time. This one-stop-shop for internet safety and time limits is ideal for those parents who may be concerned about the amount of time their child is spending online or the type of content they might be accessing.

The reward system which enables parents to reward extra time limits, disable off times and grant a late bedtime is an ideal feature to empower parents and children. 

How will teachers benefit?

This application could be used in class to control profiles of pupils who may have access to in-class devices. Teachers can set time limits and restrictions as they would with their own family profiles.

How will the user benefit?

Recommendations of no more than two hours screen time for children and teenagers a day is really difficult to manage. However, the Circle Parental Controls App will enable the user to have a real insight into their screen time and usage.

What we love about the Circle Parental Controls App

This application delivers on many levels and we particularly enjoyed the following:

  • We simply love the fact that the application walks the user through the application and Circle Home Plus device setup making this an easy and seamless process.
  • The developers have thought of everything! We love the bedtime mode that enables the device to be switched off until morning. We also love the ability to be able to reward the user for good screen time habits.
  • The ability to customise the application is an excellent feature. We found that locking and unlocking certain applications and websites has its uses.
  • The overall appearance, layout of the application is truly wonderful!
  • For child safeguarding this application is a must!

What the Circle Parental Controls App could improve on

The Circle Parental Controls App is an excellent application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

  • We would like a reward system other than a system that rewards extra screen time such as a star system or a reward system for a monetary value.
  • Although the initial set up of the Circle Home Plus hardware is easy to follow the connection to the device was very temperamental and often lost connection or unpaired itself.

How much does the Circle Parental Controls App cost?

The Circle Parental Controls application is available on the iOS and Android platforms via a subscription. There is a 14-day free trial for new members.

Is the Circle Parental Controls App safe to use?

Yes, although the application collects personal information for accounts and user profiles the app has no advertising or 3rd party links.

Overall Rating of the application

Circle Parental Controls App is an all-around wonderful application providing a safe interactive platform for managing screen time for all ages. The application comes with an easy to use interface and an array of customisable features and profiles. The application offers in-app instructions and support for parents and users. The Circle Parental Controls App comes highly recommended by The

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You can download Circle Parental Controls on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Circle Parental Controls app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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