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Cinderella 3D Popup Fairy Tale

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  • Cinderella 3D Popup Fairy TaleCinderella 3D Popup Fairy TaleCinderella 3D Popup Fairy TaleCinderella 3D Popup Fairy TaleCinderella 3D Popup Fairy Tale


Cinderella - Interactive 3D Pop-up Fairy Tale for Children

※"The app encourages reading and the story includes a number of participatory tasks for children to play with. Part educational, part entertainment, it’s a great app for engaging small children for a period of time- a holy grail for parents." User Rating ★★★★★ 5Stars - August 9th,2012 -By

※"Cinderella 3D Popup Fairy tale app is really a good entertainer for the kids. At the same time they play, children will also gain some valuable knowledge to add to their knowledge database." - 23.AUG, 2012 - By

Do you want to see, hear and play with your kids?
Here we have for you 'Cinderella'.

Cinderella consists of 3D pop-up scenes with RPG (character role-playing game) elements of the characters in combination with interaction for young readers (interaction between user and computer). Children can experience the pleasure of game and education effect at the same time.

Sit down with your child as you are running the apps, and talk about what lessons Cinderella is telling us while listening to the music and touching the interesting objects inside it. It will be a valuable time for your child to cherish for lifetime.

Charles Perrault’s Cinderella has been redefined with fun and exciting pop-up scenes like 'Cleaning the floor', 'Getting help from a fairy', ' Dancing with the prince at a ball', 'Getting home leaving a glass slipper behind’, ' Finding the owner of the slipper ',' Reunion with the prince'. Have fun completing the wonderful story by touching and moving the characters and objects with the exciting themes!

※ Intended for:
★ Kids ages 2-7 (Preschool-aged)

※ Features:
★ Full 3D experience - It’s just like a real book, Lifelike 3D Pop-up scenes filled with beautiful illustrations and music
★ Touch or drag interactive elements in the 3D pop-up scenes
★ Fun and exciting interactivity to enhance the liveliness of the story theme
★ Fancy and lovely characters popping up out of the impressive scenes of the stories
★ Three dimensional rotation effect for a natural reading experience
★ The classical version of “Cinderella” written by Charles Perrault

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★ Puss in Boots (Charles Perrault)
★ Thumbelina (Andersen)

(Book Type : 3D Pup-Up Book, eBook, Story Book, Toddler Book, English Audio Book, Reading Book, Fairy tale book for kids)

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