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About ChuChu TV

ChuChuTV is a kids video app designed to engage children through a series of upbeat songs and colorful animations. All their songs will have lots of cute and funny characters that will entertain kids all over the world. ChuChu TV app download is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and for Android devices. 

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ChuChu TV Review

ChuChuTV Nursery Rhymes is for all new parents out there to improve their child development and parenting skills. ChuChu TV app allows the parents to download the nursery rhymes videos offline and watch them anywhere, anytime on any mobile device. This app provides a safe and kid-friendly viewing experience for kids of all ages. This nursery rhymes app supports six languages – English, US English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Tamil & Hindi. 


  • ChuChu TV app helps children watch a lot of the best English cartoons with up to hundreds of colorful educational cartoons suitable for all children between different age groups.
  • Parents can completely filter the good content that their children like to watch according to their preferences.
  • It is considered to have a beautifully designed interface, suitable for many ages and does not appear advertising.

You can download ChuChu TV on both Android and iOS devices.

What do we like about Chuchu TV?

You can download our video songs to watch them offline on any mobile device with the ChuChu TV app. This software allows children of all ages to enjoy a safe and enjoyable viewing experience.

What skills does it improve?

Children are instilled with positive traits like love, caring, sharing, and helping others through ChuChu TV programming.

What age is it appropriate for?

It is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.

Is Chuchu TV free?

Chuchu TV is available free of cost and is compatible with all devices. 

Is Chuchu TV easy to use?

This software is simple to operate and was created with children in mind. Because the software values children's privacy and safety, no personal information will be collected.

How will students benefit?

It encourages children to learn! ABC and Math, nursery rhymes and dances for kids, nonstop instruction, and entertaining kid video songs They will sing, dance, and learn in a fun and safe environment. ChuChu TV programming instils in children positive qualities such as love, caring, sharing, and helping others.

How will teachers benefit?

Hundreds of hours of high-quality educational videos are available to view online or download. Videos to aid in the acquisition of the alphabet and math. Online privacy for children is safeguarded. Organize a playlist by managing videos. Smartphones and tablets are compatible with the app.

How will parents benefit?

This nursery rhyme video app also offers parental settings, allowing parents to regulate and filter all of the content.

What can Chuchu TV improve on?

There is nothing much to improve as the app offers numerous features for free.

How much does Chuchu TV cost?

Chuchu TV is available free of cost.

Final Thoughts

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes Videos Pro-Learning for Android is the most popular children's rhymes and educational software in the world, containing all of your favourite cartoon characters. Over a hundred colourful instructive rhymes for toddlers and preschoolers are included in the programme. Its cartoons are all made in a unique way to make learning rhymes fun and creative. The best feature of this software is that you can download the video tracks and watch them on any mobile device, at any time and in any location. It is absolutely safe and child-friendly, and no personal information is collected.

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