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Chronicles of Avonlea is a collection of short stories by L. M. Montgomery, related to the Anne of Green Gables series. It features a number of stories relating to the fictional Canadian village of Avonlea, and was first published in 1912.

The book is dedicated: "To the memory of MRS WILLIAM A. HOUSTON, a dear friend who has gone beyond."

1. "The Hurrying of Ludovic", in which Anne Shirley manages the proposal of Ludovic Speed to Theodora Dix after a courtship lasting many years.
2. "Old Lady Lloyd", which follows Old Lady Lloyd, who is thought to be very rich. She encounters the daughter of her former beau and endeavours to help her.
3. "Each in His Own Tongue", in which the Reverend Stephen Leonard attempts to stifle his son Felix's gifted violin-playing, which he sees as unholy.
4. "Little Joscelyn", in which Aunty Nan hears of Joscelyn Burnett's return to Prince Edward Island and greatly desires to hear her old friend sing.
5. "The Winning of Lucinda", in which a long-time feud between Lucinda and Romney Penhallow is resolved.
6. "Old Man Shaw's Girl", in which Mrs Peter Blewett attempts to destroy Old Man Shaw's hopes regarding the return of his beloved daughter Sara ("Blossom").
7. "Aunt Olivia's Beau", which details the courting of Olivia Sterling by Mr Malcolm MacPherson.
8. "Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's", in which Angelina "Peter" MacPherson, a marked feminist, is quarantined for smallpox with Alexander Abraham Bennett, who has not allowed a woman in his house for many years.
9. "Pa Sloane's Purchase", in which Pa Sloane rashly buys a baby at an auction, and has to deal with the consequences.
10. "The Courting of Prissy Strong", which details Stephen Clark's courting of Prissy Strong, despite strong opposition from the latter's sister Emmeline.
11. "The Miracle at Carmody", in which avowed atheist Judith Marsh and her sister Salome attempt to raise the young Lionel Hezekiah.
12. "The End of a Quarrel", in which Nancy Rogerson and Peter Wright meet, many years after a quarrel relating to the latter's grammar.

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