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About Chromavid

Chromavid is a simple to use green-screen app that lets you shoot good quality videos and photos using chroma key effects in real-time.

Chromavid Review

Chromavid is a green screen chroma key app to shoot awesome videos and photos using chroma key effects just like they do it in Movies and TV shows. 

What do we like about Chromavid?

Chromavid is your best option if you're seeking the greatest green screen app. The Chromavid app comes with some noteworthy ChromaKey effects, including a wide range of Chroma colours, an indefinite amount of recording time, and image merging capabilities. This app has a social sharing feature and the ability to record videos with the chroma key.

Is Chromavid free?

Chromavid is free to download on all Android and IOS devices. 

Is Chromavid easy to use?

The Chromavid application features a quick and simple user interface. You can make videos and photographs without watermarks if you have the Chromavid plus plan. You can instantly save the edited videos to your smartphone.

How will users benefit?

Chroma keying often referred to as colour keying, colour-separation overlay, and green screen effect is a special effect and post-production technique used to substitute a specific colour with another colour or picture. The use of a blue or green screen to replace a scene's background with other lovely scenery is common in the film business. The app offers limitless recording time and doesn't insert a Chromavid logo into the frame. Blue, green, yellow, or red are the available chroma colours.

Choose the Chroma colour first, which could be a wall or curtain that is blue, green, yellow, or red. Next, pick the backdrop picture. You can now start recording after the background colour is changed to the image of your choice.

Stock photos and pre-loaded backgrounds are also options. To access the premium pack, remove the watermark, and allow limitless recording, you must currently be a Chromavid Pro subscriber.

What can Chromavid improve on?

There are now some negatives. Only static images can be used to replace the background. You cannot insert a video. The video you do utilise in front of the photograph must also be captured live.

How much does Chromavid cost?

Chromavid is available at the cost of $2.99 a year.

Final thoughts

Be imaginative and experiment with the various backgrounds that the app offers. You can also use any image that is on your phone as a background. On various social media channels, invite your friends to view your creations. Even better, you can store your Chromavid on your device. Chromavids are saved in the Chromavid Folder of the device storage. If you can't find it in your Gallery, use any file manager programme to navigate to the Chromavid folder. 

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You can download Chromavid on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Chromavid app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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