Christmas Countdown Apps 2024

8 Best Christmas Countdown Apps for iOS and Android

Christmas is one of the greatest holidays of all time. Children and adults are charged with the mood of waiting for a miracle, preparing gifts and becoming kinder in general. Children wait even harder for Christmas than Halloween or their own birthday.

At the time of the holiday, magic seems to permeate everything. Stores are lit with lights, garlands hanging on the streets, traditional Jingle Bells, and Happy New Year are heard from literally every shoe!

Sometimes this mood is created only when the holiday is very close. When shops are decorated with shop windows, New Year’s sales start and all people around start to dress their homes and put the Christmas trees.

But what if you want to feel the approaching holiday? Even though it is far from being holiday time, nobody talks about Christmas and winter in general, you can already start thinking about them.

Of course, it is too early to think about gifts and the place of celebration, but you can already feel the approaching holiday. Day after day – Christmas is getting closer. We’ve gathered the best apps for you to help you get the holiday closer and show you how Christmas is approaching.

1. Christmas Countdown 2024

iOS and Android - Free with in-app purchases

The Christmas countdown app is more like an app that gets you all hyped up with the special countdown feature. So, the app basically counts down the days until Christmas with an appealing snowy countdown. When you are already in the Christmas mood and waiting for a miracle, the Christmas Countdown app can support it. This is a regular timer that will help you to watch how close Christmas gets.

Choose from a variety of nice themes and beautiful covers. You can also choose the style of the timer yourself. In addition to the countdown in the application, there is a set of basic Christmas music, which is played in the background. As we all know, it wakes us up even more Christmas mood.

Every day you open the “gift” from the application. It can be nice songs, pictures, HD wallpapers on your desktop. But Christmas Countdown has a premium version. It has a little more content – music, wallpapers. You will also get an additional 3 countdown widgets on your desktop. Observe the snowfall, against which the countdown will be conducted! After all, Christmas is getting closer every minute.

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2. Christmas Countdown with Carols

Android - Free with in-app purchases

For enhancing the Christmas mood that you are willing to create with these cool Christmas countdown timers, you can get this app and not only watch how the days are gone, but also enjoy the holiday sounds and melodies while you’re waiting.

The app will be installed as the wallpapers to your phone so you won’t even need a widget to see how many days before Christmas are left – it will always be in the center of your screen, no matter if you’re going to the menu or go to the home screen of your gadget.

The display color will be changing depending on the time of the day which is another cool bonus. The 3D images which will be placed near the countdown are another cool feature that will lift your Christmas mood. It has already become super popular on Google Play and gain high rankings form the users.

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3. Christmas Countdown by Fedmich

Android - Free

Already waiting for presents? Or have you started to prepare them for your loved ones? Hustle, glowing eyes at the moment of finding the right gift, planning trips – all this red tape and bustle can distract you from the holiday. To prevent this from happening, set up Christmas Countdown.

You can consider this to be your personal Santa Claus arrival tracker. Besides, you can also see the traditional background music – it will help you to adjust to the way you want it. Unless the deaf person remembers Christmas Eve if he hears Jingle Bells!

There is also a little entertainment in the app. By clicking on the egg, you can hear the bells ringing and “ding-dong”. Little things, but still adjusts you to the right way.

Now you will not miss the right moment and will always know exactly how long you will wait for your long-awaited gift in a Christmas stocking. Well, or you will always understand how much time you have left to prepare gifts for your close friends, family, and colleagues.

4. Christmas Carols

Android - Free

With Christmas Carols app, you can set up Christmas photos or GIF animations on your smartphone screen saver. All of this will be accompanied by cute Christmas tunes, like those played in supermarkets and huge shopping malls on the eve of the holiday. You can change the picture by simply flipping it to the next one.

A huge selection of musical accompaniment – almost an orchestra in your hands! Change music and pictures, but one thing remains the same is the countdown to Christmas.

At Christmas Carols you get traditional Christmas carols that have been sung by people for generations. Watch the New Year’s Eve addresses and charge with a positive attitude from other people in a festive mood.

For fun, you can play with Santa Claus and his reindeer. Just click on Santa to play a minigame. You can also change Santa’s stroller – just click on it and edit it until you like it. A Christmas spirit right in your smartphone is a miracle, isn’t it?

5. Advent Calendar 2024

iOS - Free with in-app purchases

Let’s celebrate Christmas with Christmas Countdown Timer Free, as suggested by the developers of the application. Come to your relatives and friends right at the beginning of the celebration! Install the widget on your desktop. It is constantly updated, so you will always know how many hours, minutes and even seconds are left until Christmas.

You can choose the style and color of the timer, set the night and day modes, choose your desktop wallpapers, and create a small holiday world on your smartphone.

In addition to the wallpaper itself, there are animations of luminous garlands and falling snow – so even if you are celebrating in hot Africa and outside your window, you do not have snowdrifts, but bright green palms and sunshine – snowflakes will still be with you!

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6. Christmas Countdown 3D scene

iOS - Free

Christmas Countdown 3D scene gives you this opportunity. Enjoying the countdown to Christmas, you can look at various interactive 3D scenes. The main screen is the Christmas tree, a symbol of the holiday, made up of many luminous lights. Almost real, only as a garland.

To see the effect of the hologram, simply click on the star on the top of the tree and the spruce will clear the space with a ray of light. And by clicking on the countdown itself, you will get a surprise – an animated firework.

Christmas carols are also included in the app. All you have to do is click on your smartphone screen to listen to one of them. Share screenshots from the app with your friends! Every day with a countdown looks almost like a greeting card, so your friends will definitely enjoy receiving such a message.

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7. Sleeps To Christmas Countdown

iOS - Free and Ad-Free Version

This app is just plain cute. It offers four characters: Santa, a snowman, an elf, and a gingerbread man, who all have a neat little animation and a sign that lists the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until December 25.

All the presented characters are animated, which attracts the attention of both children and adults. Gingerbread man is showing off in front of you, Santa just laughs, and Snowman, for example, gets into ridiculous situations. All this only plunges into the atmosphere of goodness and magic – even if you have not believed in Santa Claus for a long time.

The music is standard – Christmas motifs, which we hear on every corner and wish you a merry Christmas. Another bonus that users can suddenly discover: when you shake your smartphone, you will hear Christmas bells ringing! Raise your spirits and those around you just by shaking your hand.

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8. CountDown Tracker to Christmas Birthday Date Event

iOS - Free

CountDown Tracker is an extremely simple software indeed – all you have to do is to open the app, create the name of the upcoming event, set the picture, and then set up the date.

Then the timer will be displayed like a widget on the home screen of your gadget showing you how many days are left before this magic holiday. And even if you discovered you made a mistake and typed something wrong – there is an editing feature, that allows you to make corrections been if the countdown has already started.

You can also mark the events as your favorites, for example, the countdown for Christmas. You can do that by opening the side menu where you will be able to see all the evens that you have set the countdown for. 

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9. Christmas Tale HD

iOS - Free with in-app purchases

In case Christmas is a family holiday for you, Christmas Tale should interest you. The application is made in the family format of reading Christmas stories. Christmas stories, magical stories, and the spirit of Christmas itself right in your smartphone.

For your convenience, there is a countdown to Christmas. This is a full-fledged Christmas watch that will keep you informed. But Christmas Tale is not limited to this! You can fully play minigames, help Santa Claus deliver gifts to other good kids, watch all the beautiful clothes of a snowman, and even set up an automatic reading of the story.

For example, you and your kids fall asleep by the fireplace, and Christmas Tale tells you a wonderful magical story about deer and magic helper elves. Count down the time before the holiday, enjoy the magic of waiting for a miracle and celebrate Christmas with the whole family!

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