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Chore Pad HD

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About Chore Pad HD

Chore Pad HD is a powerful, fun tool for motivating your kids to complete chores. The all-encompassing chore-chart tool has arrived. It is easy to use, motivational and comprehensive. Super Nanny would be proud! The app receives a 5 Star Certification and EAS Recommended status. 

Teacher Review

If you would like to create some housework harmony within your family, this is your app! Assigning chores to children and teenagers helps them to become responsible adults. This system provides rewards for the chores that are done (in the form of stars within the app). 

There are two modes to the app; Parent mode and Child mode. The idea is that in Parent mode (which is also password protected), you can set the chores, the stars; create penalties (i.e take away stars for bad behaviour).

The app is flexible as to the types of chores that you can assign and then has a series of illustrations to accompany the chore. For example, you can assign one of your kids to “Clean you room” and then set the day and how often that that chore needs to be done. For each chore, you can state how many stars the chore is worth (it goes up to ten).  The stars can also be attributed to a payout say, a trip to the zoo, a kitten or a games’ app. Also, if chore has been very well done, you can assign bonus stars.

Over time, the stars unlock even bigger rewards in the form of trophies in order to encourage consistent good behaviour. The app also has statistics on the data so that you can track “performance”. This is a very interesting feature because it can help to tell Daisy or Jimmy that in order to go to “Disneyland” they need to be good and get “more stars”.

Additionally, you never have to worry about losing your data as you can back it all up. You can also sync to Dropbox (remember to create an account – it doesn’t take long at all) and have the same account in a number of devices so that children or another parent/adult can see the progress of the chores.

In Child mode, your child can go to his/her Chore Chart and track his/her process. This means that they can see how well they are doing and whether they will, indeed, get their kitten or puppy!  Each child can upload his/her photo and also a change their dashboard in order to make it more interactive.

Overall the app is very engaging. The design quality is very good and it will help to create a harmonious family environment! 

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  • Chore Pad HDChore Pad HDChore Pad HDChore Pad HDChore Pad HD


Chore Pad HD is a powerful, fun tool for motivating your kids to complete chores. Each child completes their assigned chores to earn stars which are redeemable for rewards that you create! Give bonus stars for a job well done or penalty stars to let your child know they should strive to do better.

Chore Pad HD's beautiful artwork is fully optimized for the iPad Retina Display. Check out Chore Pad on the iPhone and iPod touch for the same great features in a smaller form factor.

Use a free Dropbox account to sync your data between all of your Chore Pad installations. Syncing happens automatically whenever you open or close Chore Pad, so keeping up to date with changes is effortless.

Each child has their own card showing their star and checkmark totals under their portrait. Tap a child's card to show their Chore Chart, where chores are completed to earn stars. Give out bonus stars to acknowledge a job well done or penalty stars to show more effort may be needed. Flip cards over to show stats for today, this week, last week or two weeks ago.

Parent Mode keeps Chore Pad kid-friendly by tucking the important setup features safely away. Use Parent Mode to configure users, chores, rewards, syncing, passcode protection and more!

Your child earns stars as chores are completed, and uses those stars to redeem rewards that you've created! Watch happily as your child learns to save up their stars for long-term goals!

Completing chores unlocks trophies over time, which are displayed on each child's card and in their Chore Chart. A trophy shelf for each child displays their earned trophies!

Each child can select their own theme for their Chore Chart, with nine currently available and more to come!

Create template chores that can be copied to any number of children and customized individually for each. Specify a wide range of repeat intervals, star values and select from dozens of available chore icons.

We're here to help! Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Support Email:
Twitter: @chorepad

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