Chinese learning app for kids

Mandarin language for children

Rating Chinese learning app for kids - 5 out of 5 - Best Rating 5.0

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  • age 3+
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About Chinese learning app for kids

An engaging app ideal for children practicing and rehearsing spoken Chinese through guided learning and voice recognition.

Chinese learning app for kids Review

What is Galaxy Kids Chinese app?

Galaxy Kids Chinese is an engaging Chinese learning app for kids offering an introduction to Chinese, with a strong focus on oral Chinese. It is aimed at younger children encountering the language for the first time.

What we love about Galaxy Kids Chinese app

This app allows children the opportunity to practice their spoke Chinese. It guides them through lessons and uses AI voice recognition to feedback on their pronunciation of each character and word.

Speech Lab is the most fascinating aspect of the app as it allows children to copy and speak words which are then analysed and compared to a native speaker. They can either practice lists from a topic bank or alternatively work through the pre-assigned words. Children see the character; the pinyin; and a picture of the word. They can also listen to the pronunciation of individual characters. Once children have attempted to speak the word, the app offers feedback on how well they have spoken that word and each individual part of it. This feature in itself is a unique selling point of the app as very few others offer this voice recognition or feedback. 

What skills does it improve?

Although Galaxy Kids Chinese covers different aspects of the Chinese language, it is the spoken area that it targets the most. Children are able to hear a spoken word and then record themselves speaking this word. It is then followed by feedback on individual characters as well as the overall word.

What age is it appropriate for?

Children aged between 3 and 6 would benefit most because of the introductory nature and cartoon style engagement, however older children may find the app useful too.

Is Galaxy Kids Chinese app easy to use?

Once children are comfortable with the style of lessons, the app is very easy to use. However, parents may find it beneficial to sit with their children initially to explain how to interact with the app and lessons.

How will students benefit?

Children will benefit since they can hear back their own voice and have it analysed and compared with a native speaker. 

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers could use the app within a classroom to allow children to individually and independently practice their oral Chinese, either at their own pace or through guided practice.

How will parents benefit?

Although parents will need to offer that initial guidance and support, children should soon be relatively independent.  At this point parents will begin to see children independently learning and practicing Chinese, specifically the spoken element.

What can Galaxy Kids Chinese app improve on?

There are a few minor issues that could be improved, for example the load time could be quicker and an offline mode would be useful, but nothing which significantly hinders interaction or learning.

How much does app cost?

Monthly Subscription: $8

12 Month Subscription: $75

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Galaxy Kids is a free-to-use app with subscription upgrades that offers the learners a full and unlimited usage of fun games, videos, activities, songs, word games, storybooks, baby content, and updates on the application.

Is Galaxy Kids Chinese app safe to use?

Galaxy Kids Chinese is safe to use; aside from an email address, no other personal information is collected.

Overall rating of the app.

Overall, an engaging app where the main voice recognition feature is embedded throughout lessons.  Worthy of its rating. 

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You can download Chinese learning app for kids on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Chinese learning app for kids app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download Chinese learning app for kidsfor Android Download Chinese learning app for kidsfor iOS Visit Website

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