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Children’s Song App offers 10 world-wide favorite songs for your child. Each song is accompanied by an exquisite picture and lyrics, with an interactive element that you can’t miss.

You child will benefit a lot from it. The peaceful songs will help little baby fall asleep. Lyrics will help kids learn the song more easily. Sound effects and colorful pictures are visual stimulations that can accelerate the development of mind for kids. Interactive element is interesting to figure out. 
The control and navigation is easy to use for the whole family: forward, backward, stop/resume, repeat on/off, all on a row and on hand. You and your child both will absolutely love it.

10 Songs are:
	Old MacDonald
	Friends Lullaby
	Bingo
	Row, Row, Row Your Boat
	London Bridge is Falling Down
	Just For You
	The Wheels on the Bus
	The Farmer in the Dell
	Ten Little Indian Boys
	You Are My Sunshine

Pay a little, gain a lot. Come and enjoy the happy moment with your children by downloading this app!
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