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Chemistry Exam Tutor - Part 1

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  • Chemistry Exam Tutor - Part 1Chemistry Exam Tutor - Part 1Chemistry Exam Tutor - Part 1Chemistry Exam Tutor - Part 1


Reviews for previous versions include:
Better than my Chemistry teacher ★★★★★
by - Version 1.1 - Sep 30, 2012

The best chemistry app out there. I love that I don't need to have Internet connection to be able to view videos, unlike most of the more expensive ones. Thank you!!!!


The app gives you 24 videos to help you with a first course in Chemistry.
Videos are available offline so you can view on the bus with no problems.
Handwritten notes and diagrams easily viewed onscreen.

- each video covers a different topic
- videos build on each other with more complicated subjects being covered later
- notes provided so you can review how a problem was solved
- notes available for printing via website
- areas covered include:
* introduction to periodic table
* atoms
* covalent bonding
* naming chemical formulas
* symbols for atoms
* isotopes
* hydrocarbons
* ionic bonding and conductivity
* properties of substances
* balancing equations
* group ions
* acids and alkalis
* neutralisation
* relative atomic mass and the mole
* mass of 1 mole
* mass of many moles
* moles and concentration
* moles and equation questions 1
* moles and equation questions 2

All videos created by an experienced tutor.

Feedback for other apps includes:
"Awesome app, but could you include the entire table? Radicals? Acids? Keep developing!"
"Indispensable for chemistry questions. ★★★★★"

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