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Chemical Compounds

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  • Chemical CompoundsChemical CompoundsChemical Compounds

Developer Description

Forging bonds, making chemistry.

Inspired by Doodle God, Create a Chemical Reaction at Chicago MSI, and my chemistry teacher.

Put together elements and discover more about chemical compounds! Synthesize the right combination of elements from the periodic table and receive information about the compound you created.
Chemical elements are pure constituents of matter. They form compounds by various bonding processes, creating new substances with varying, and sometimes drastically so, properties. Just take for example Water and Hydrogen Peroxide; different ratios of Hydrogen to Oxygen produce very different results when they undergo a synthesis reaction.
Useful as a chemistry study tool or for fun, this app aims to inform while providing an entertaining and puzzling experience of discovering new compounds.
Forging bonds and making chemistry.

- OpenFeint integration
- Wikipedia API calls for database retrieval
- Updated periodic table (Flerovium and Livermorium, anyone?)
- Pinch zoom enabled for multi-touch devices

- INTERNET - OpenFeint integration, as well as Wikipedia database access.
- ACCESS NETWORK STATE - Hand in hand with internet, ensures ability to connect to OpenFeint as well as make Wiki API calls.
- WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE - Allows OpenFeint the ability to save data to the external storage.
- GET ACCOUNTS - Allows OpenFeint to retrieve the user's email address so that you won't have to type it in when creating an account.
- WAKE LOCK - Keeps the screen active while you play.

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