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ChatFOSS has been specifically designed by parents, teachers and children to be a place for children to use social media without the risks that come with free-to-use apps.
ChatFOSS encourages one-to-one communication, carries no advertising on it and does not allow strangers to search for or contact your children. ChatFOSS is a kid’s app that combines the functionality of messenger, snapchat and Instagram, where users can instantly share messages, photos and videos with their friends.

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ChatFOSS is an online communication tool enabling families and friends to chat, share, and store photos and videos - safely and in private.

Set up separate groups for sharing family photos, private thoughts, birthday surprises, latest news. All organised and at your fingertips on any device.

In ChatFOSS, no one can search for you. No one can find you. No one else can see who your other friends are. Your information remains yours only. ChatFOSS carries no advertising and offers no in-app purchases.

ChatFOSS is designed to be safe for anyone to use, including young children and other potentially vulnerable individuals. Parents are either informed or must consent each time their child adds a new ChatFOSS friend. Once a friendship is established, children can communicate in private, as they would normally in the real world. But if there is a problem, the parent can reset the child’s password and see the child’s entire communication history.

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