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Looking for word games? Here are the best word games for iOS and Android devices.

    Word Beach is a word puzzle game that will work the brains of adults and children alike as well as entertain them.  Learn the spellings of new words, be reminded of the spellings of non-standard words, and see patterns in the use of letters.

    Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad

    The aim of this app is to help introduce children to new words and help them to further their abilities in spelling in a fun and familiar way. The app is very similar to a number of other word play games and focuses its theme on that of Christmas and Santa Claus. The idea is for users to make words out of a number letters provided and fill the gaps at the top of the screen with the words that can be made from the provided letters. The graphics and sounds of the app are really pleasing and will certainly encourage users to keep returning to the game to further their way through the app.

    Platforms: Android

    An app that utilises game play to encourage young people to extend their vocab.

    Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad

    Words ink - Back to school app is a fun word puzzle available on iOS and android. The App is an engaging word game that takes you through a number of different levels introducing different elements at each stage. The app tests the user by getting them to link letters together to create a word from the grid provided. The longer words will introduce new letter tile features and stunning graphics that really make this app a delight to play and highly addictive. The app is suitable for a range of age levels from key stage 3 to adult.

    Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad

    An app that engages the user through discovery, storytelling and fun helping them to learn to spell.

    Platforms: iPhone, iPad

    • Overabundance of words! Features over 300 SIGHT WORDS from the popular Dolch word list!

    • Great for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

    • Learn to read Elementary Sight Words in 6 engaging super duper EDUCATIONAL GAMES!


    Platforms: Android