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Fractions Apps for iPad, Android and Web

Maths apps can help children's understanding of fractions and decimals. They cover a range of skills from identifying basic fractions and converting fractions to decimals or percentages.

Check the list of best fraction apps for Android and iOS devices to use in the classroom and at home.

    Versatile is one word to describe the ABCya learning games included in this app.  They work  across every mainstream device, they cover multiple educational topics, and deliver a broad range of game styles to test and develop children's learning.  Excellent would be another word.

    KidloLand Kids Toddler Games

    ( Android , iPad )

    The application ‘KidloLand Kids Toddler Games’ is an award-winning learning programme for kids (1-7 yrs) and contains 2000+ educational songs, games, stories, nursery rhymes, and activities about Early Learning, Math, Reading, Writing, Coding and more! The application is a subscription-based app comprising of two options; a monthly subscription option or the option to pay for a single year. The application is free from adverts and is certified for children by the KidSAFE program.

    Komodo is designed to build and consolidate maths knowledge for children aged from 5 to 11. A maths teacher sets up each user's baseline in the app and parents define the rewards. Children then engage in little-and-often practice to raise their maths knowledge and skill.

    Calculator of fractions is a really useful app; designed for pupils to calculate problems with fractions. This is a powerful tool for both children and their parents, and can help children self-assess and review their work.

    Zap Zap Fractions is a great app for your kids by taking them to outer space to learn and understand the basics about fractions. It offers great step by step tutorials and short interactive lessons along with an engaging gameplay interface perfect for any kids starting to learn about fractions. The more problems they solve correctly, the more asteroids kids will destroy.

    Fraction Monkey – Math Game For Kids is a much better way to learn fractions in a fun and engaging way. The game play has 40 levels that requires logical thinking and improve maths skills.   It helps teaching kids to solve math problems that include fractions. It has a fun Angry Birds feel to it, but at the same time the kids are learning a little math. The fraction problems get increasingly harder as it doesn't just cover addition and subtraction of fractions but also includes multiplication and division.

    Slice Fractions

    ( Android )

    Slice Fractions is loaded with fun gaming elements, with a style similar to the super popular game Cut The Rope. We love this app because it is truly designed on great gaming and educational content principles. Kids will not only enjoy playing the game, but will truly be engaged in rigorous problem solving with fractions.   Slice Fractions reinforces many fraction concepts by challenging kids to slice ice and rocks into different fractional parts, so that the pieces fall and clear a path for the Mastodon. Children won’t necessarily be practicing fractions in a way that will help them in tests or with worksheets but they will be developing a conceptual knowledge of fractions that is, arguably, more important. 

    Fractions. Elementary Math

    ( Android , Windows )

    Fractions – Elementary Maths is a collection of four fun mini games, which help children learn about fractions. Each game is represented by an island, and has 3 levels of difficulty. By visiting the islands, children learn to read fractions; develop their knowledge of equivalent fractions; compare fractions; and add fractions with the same and different denominators. 

    Quick Fractions by Shiny Things brings a fresh approach to help master one of the most troublesome areas of mathematics. Quick Fractions focuses on an understanding of fractions as numbers and provides practice solving fraction problems.

    Motion Math: Fractions! is an innovative game that teaches kids about fractions while covering a handful of Common Core math standards and UK National Curriculum. 

    Fractions with Trains

    ( Android , iPad )

    Fractions with Trains is a bright and simple-to-use app that can help children understand basic fractions. Children compete train tracks by selecting the right fraction that represents the missing length of the track. The fractions covered by this app include halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and eighths. 

    Squeebles Fractions

    ( Android , iPad )

    Squeebles Fractions is a fun and engaging app that focuses on fractions. Students need to help the Squeebles make cakes for the cake show, by getting stolen ingredients back from the Maths Monster. The app features 4 mini games and a reward scheme to encourage and motivate children to keep playing. The app’s content is suitable for children who are practising working with fractions from halves and quarters, up to sevenths, eighths and more unusual fractions. 

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