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Social Science is a branch of study which deals with Human Beings – their behaviour, growth and development, relationships, resources they use and the various institutions they require to function and carry on their life smoothly.

The inclusion of Social Studies in the curriculum right from primary to secondary classes signifies the importance of the subject and the role it plays in a student’s life. Social Studies is incorporated in the school curriculum through a combination of subjects like – History, Geography, Cultural Studies, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, etc.

These subjects help children to develop awareness of the World and Environment, helps to develop critical thinking abilities, helps to enhance the social understanding of students and helps students to become better citizens. Furthermore, learning about the different religions, social and cultural beliefs, castes and creed, nationalities and ethnicity, values, languages, festivals, food and clothing, types of families, etc makes students aware that the society they live in, is diverse and multicultural and yet there is interdependence and inter-relatedness between different people, families, cultures, religions and countries.

On this page, teachers and parents will find numerous social studies apps for children. As a teacher, if you're planning a unit or writing lesson plans, then look no further. We have some suggestions for you. As a parent, go beyond the four walls of your child's classroom. Reach into a book and discover the world with your child.

    Issa's Edible Adventures is a stunning application that is suitable for ages 6 and above and follows the adventures of Issa as she discovers the ingredients from around the world to help make wonderful dishes.

    News-O-Matic for School, is a news app for children.

    Britannica Kids: Aztec Empire app helps the kids to get to know a past civilization, some of Mexico’s history and basics of the history of the Aztec people.

    The Homes app offers an educational look at different abodes from around the world.

    Kids World Culture app provides opportunities for kids to describe their culture, but also have the opportunity to explore others to learn about the world beyond.

    This app focuses on teaching about music and instruments through the exploration of a world tour.

    Geography Drive USA is a stellar educational game app that helps kids learn about America and 50 U.

    GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic is one of our favourite geography apps.

    One Globe Kids - children's stories from around the world app really helps children see what it is like to live in other countries through the perspective of native children.

    Geo Walk HD app is an educational app loaded with useful information about 500 people, places, plants, and animals.

    Stack the States is a good tool for teachers to use with students to help them memorize the names of U.

    Stack the countries is an educational geography game teaching and testing students on the countries of the world and their shapes, neighbours, landmarks, capital cities, languages, flags, and other geographical facts.

    Spin, pinch and zoom in on animals, indigenous people, places, religions and other topics of interest around the world.