Shopping Apps

Below, we've rounded up the essential shopping apps to download, so you can do all of your buying without even opening your computer.

    Giftster is an app that helps you to manage the items you want to buy. You can create lists for any occasion and track them when are reserved or purchased.  

    Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad

    Too Good To Go is an app that assists individuals and organisations in reducing food waste by providing "Surprise Bags" of additional food at the end of the day to prevent it from going to waste. Retailers of the surprise packages include bakeries, cafes, grocery stores, and restaurants, with a value of around one-third of the standard retail price.

    Devices: iPhone, iPad

    Shoppylist is an app for compiling and tracking your shopping lists and for coordinating them with the rest of your family. The app is free and contains no ads, but you will gain extra features such as synchronising lists with other family members if you pay a low in-app purchase. Shoppylist is useful for giving children a taste of responsibility within their home life and making sure that nobody runs out of essential items.

    Devices: iPhone, iPad